On memorial day surprise

June is June bride.
By the way, does name of wedding anniversary know that we change whenever we repeat age?
As for the marriage 25th anniversary, silver wedding anniversary, the 50th anniversary are famous for golden wedding anniversary,
Then what is the 60th anniversary?

Right out! It is diamond wedding.
By the way, it is said to be ruby wedding for pearl wedding anniversary, 40 years for 30 years.

Memorial day of couple who repeats time, and adds to brightness still more,
We long!

In Restaurants which does not usually go on such a wonderful memorial day surprise.
At "today 19:00 in Ginza just to say that is by wait!"
Are you not happy and excited?

Therefore we introduce Ginza Velvia-kan "ICONIC" (Aiko Nic) where is good to "memorial day surprise" today.

Stylish space is refined and, according to the store's name to mean "it is symbolic", is very attractive.
Using high quality ingredients, dishes that imagination and view of the world of chef were condensed are full of a feeling of all surprise. In addition, we seem to be able to request original menu for special memorial day.

Celebration seems to become the world with only one dishes on "memorial day that is surprise".

Ginza Velvia-kan


In stylish, gorgeous space
The finest French cuisine!

We can thoroughly enjoy gorgeous French cuisine which senses of fun were inlaid with in stylish space with design of Conran & partners. We direct space where is different from elegant finder inning in stylish PLAZA bar. It is available for wedding.

Detailed information of store is this