For daily livings memorial day

Nice to meet you! It is Mitsui Shopping Park Urban official account.
From today, your daily livings send information becoming slightly fun. Thank you for your cooperation!

The first day when we were able to get to know all of you today. It seems to be memorial day when it is important for me. What is memorial day when all of you value in daily livings?

My friend couple, in "home, is doing on memorial day on happy day. For example, he/she has talked with "golf memorial day." when we began in couples.

By naming "○○ memorial day", and, as well as birthday and wedding anniversary, enjoying day that there was slightly happy event on day when began new thing with family and friends, of daily livings seem to accentuate.

We introduce good Zoe Ginza "chef dishes Sunday, Monday and Tuesday" (nichigekka) this time on such a memorial day.

In this shop, there are "memorial day banquet dishes" and can thoroughly enjoy banquet dishes wonderful at all including main dish using gorgeousness ingredients such as appetizer which let you color seasonal ingredients and well serve and olives Japanese beef or abalone.
As seat is to box seat on private room and pond of heart tea-ceremony room style to feel relaxed, sake bar a lot, he/she looks happy even if we choose as purpose and member on memorial day in total. It should surely swell on "◯◯ memorial day" to celebrate non-every day in dishes and space where feeling is plentiful!

Zoe Ginza 6F

Itamae-Ryori Nichigekka

Space of the sum to spread around pond
Real chef dishes tasting season

Floor of 200 tsubos that expensive ceiling, seven scenes that used elegance and solid feeling properly present is space of the individual sum to spread around pond. In calm atmosphere, dishes of production centers full of individuality of the whole country are fulfilling. We can thoroughly enjoy obedient taste that both tongue and body are pleased with by Japanese traditional recipes to draw taste that material original delicacy is deep to the maximum to the full.

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