Akarenga Terrace
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  • In 3F bal terrace, weekdays are particularly advantageous ♪ bal terra bystreet period from Monday to Friday 17:00 ... ※Please ask each store about the end time.
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  • 5-min. walk from Sapporo Station on the JR
    2-min. walk from Sapporo Station on the Namboku Subway Line
    5-min. walk from Odori Station on the Tozai Subway Line / Namboku Line

    The use of public transportation is recommended for accessing Akarenga Terrace.

Parking information

  • Hours of operation / 7:00 am - 0:30 am
    ※Leaving the parking lot outside hours of operation may take more time than usual.
    Parking fees/400 yen (tax-included) 60 minutes
    Parking capacity/56
    Vehicle limit/1.75m in height, 1.95m in width, 5.3m in length

    ■Information on parking fee discount
    2 hours free if you spend ¥2,000 (tax incl.) or more in one shop.

    ※You must spend the required amount in a single shop.

    ※Parking service is not available for the following restaurants/shops.
    Tsubaki Salon tsubaki salon (1F)
    P'tit salé (1F)
    JP Lawson (1F)
    Brooklyn Parlor Sapporo (2F)
    Tsuruga Buffet Dining Sapporo (2F)
    Restaurants MINAMI (4F)

    <member of Mitsui Shopping Park card application-limited Services>
    When you are back, by the presentation of card or application, we are free of charge for 60 minutes.
    ・Card member…Please insert Mitsui Shopping Park card into payment machine at the time of payment.
    ・Application member…Please warm QR cord which you displayed by Mitsui Shopping Park application at the time of payment over QR cord reader of payment machine.
    ※Application Services becomes Services only for prior payment machine
  • Akarenga Terrace
    Akarenga Terrace
    4-1, Kita-2-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

    A lot of stores including Hokkaido first to go out shop, new business style are branches in concept in "courtyard of Sapporo meeting new sensitivity". The observation deck gallery looking out over the former Hokkaido Government Building, and the relaxing atrium terrace make you feel in touch with nature while remaining in the city.

  • Contact
    Please inquire with the shop directly.
    ※Varies by shop
Information for advantageous card Mitsui Shopping Park card
Advantageous reward card
Mitsui Shopping Park card
It is advantageous card which the points collect at every shopping. Other than Mitsui Shopping Park Urban, there are a lot of available facilities including LaLaport and MITSUI OUTLET PARK and is card convenient at all.
※There are facility, store excluding partly
※List of outside stores targeted for Mitsui Shopping Park Urban point is this
Information for advantageous card Mitsui Shopping Park card
Information for convenient application Mitsui Shopping Park application
It is advantageous with more convenience!
Mitsui Shopping Park application
Information for convenient application Mitsui Shopping Park application
The latest information of member of application-limited shopping coupon and favorite facility is delivered when we download application. Furthermore, when join reward card information together, the points collect, is held up!
※List of outside stores targeted for Mitsui Shopping Park application QR cord is this
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