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  • 04/30 update

Request for prevention of 1F "SANWA" new model coronavirus infection spread

Thank you very much for using supermarket "SANWA".
For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, please note because of the following contents on the use and would appreciate your cooperating.

・Hours of operation becomes to 10:00-21:00.
・You keep off rush hours with one as much as possible, and, for congestion reducing at the time of shopping, please come.
・We leave interval with other customers in shop and would appreciate your doing shopping.
・We can do shopping relatively smoothly after morning except Monday and 18:00 on weekdays.
・Waiting line for entering a shop occurs at the opening time about Saturday and Sunday.
    As the morning is crowded, you avoid as much as possible, and please come to the store.
    In addition, please note that you may set a limit to entrance when congestion occurs.
・Because congestion is expected at the time of payment, we ask you to confirm waiting position of boarding the floor.
・We reduce number and, about shopping bag, use of cart, do business.
・We replace my bag, product to my basket, and Services stops.
・We stop about point up on special discount day on Wednesday. (until after May, going out self-restraint cancellation)
・We offer insert flyer in sales floor.

I cause customer inconvenience and am very sorry. We would appreciate your cooperation.


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