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08/05 update

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Summer recommended kitchen supplies

Summer when it is troublesome it is hot, and to stand in kitchen. If there are any kitchen goods which it seems to be summer, and are pretty, every day should become slightly fun. We collected much-talked-about items including goods which became efficient of dishes and cooking household appliances which were useful for dishes in the summer.

Friend where desk plate is strong
In lunch evening, we cut corners in place that we can cut corners in in the morning simply because it is indispensable dishes every day, and let's ride out summer well! Hot plate that it is usable on desk to make an outstanding performance when there is one. We can enjoy noisily if we prepare only for ingredients while making together. From takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakiniku which child is pleased with to authentic meat, fish dishes, it is usable in wide recipe.

Take in convenience goods
It is recommended to take in convenient kitchen goods to ease everyday dishes even a little. Slight spice making it easy to take substitutes spice which cannot miss ingredients which we refrigerated in summer to just use heat-resistant container that microwave cooking is possible for hand with kitchen scissors without using kitchen knife……A lot of items which can reduce nado, burden! Look for by all means!

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    \ 17,600 (tax-included)

    BRUNO OVAL hot plate BG

    <Bruno> It is OVAL type hot plate of this. Plane, takoyaki, deep frier and full plate to set. As we can cook at table in sequence, we can enjoy with family and friend.

    \ 605 (tax-included)

    tower (tower) magneT spice bottle WH

    <tower> It is spice bottle of this. It is easily attached to refrigerator and panel with back magneT. We get during cooking quickly and we can regulate quantity to use with one hand and are convenient.

    \ 990 (tax-included)

    With 212K original heat resistance cooking bowl 23cm red lid

    Convenient 23cm heat resistance bowl. It is with cover and can enter refrigerator, freezer as bowl. As is usable in microwave oven with closing the cap, as for the preliminary arrangement of preliminary arrangements and confectionery making of vegetables easily.
  • on the day

    \ 9,680 (tax-included)

    PRISMATE (purizumeito) raclette more with recipe book usable happily

    <purizumeito> Hot plate which is usable of this in two steps. We cook sauce in the lower berth while cooking at the upper section, and cooking is possible at the same time. We usually make an outstanding performance from errand to house party. With recipe book.
  • Afternoon Tea LIVING

    \ 5,500 (tax-included)

    Edo glass somen set

    Somen bowl that color grain that is bright in cool blue is beautiful and set of small sake cup. "Edo glass" of traditional craft made with the glass manufacturing method of the Edo era. We let you feel warmth only by handicraft of craftsman.

    \ 1,210 (tax-included)

    Chop & scoop M (cutting board)

    <dekusasu> Cutting board that rim which was usable like scoop of this stood. Ingredients which we cut are hard to fall from cutting board and are convenient when they serve as there is handle.

    \ 880 (tax-included)

    The comfortable grated small

    Grated container which we can take down by surprisingly light power. Sharp blade of ceramic of the original manufacturing method catches ingredients well. With silicon rubber that the back side is grippy.
  • Space of a space

    \ 1,100 (tax-included)

    Kitchen scissors navy

    Scissors for kitchen which is convenient when we cut dry matter opening bag. When we do not want to pollute cutting board, it is useful as a substitute for kitchen knife. Cutting fine is possible if we chop ingredients in container without being scattered.
  • Victoria L-Breath &mall shop

    \ 638 (tax-included)

    Bubble kitchen brush 1412

    <mana> It is Dell Dell kitchen brush of this. Appropriate quantities of detergent exits by one push and can just wash. It is convenient for colander and pan, grid or sink. As it is wide-mouthed, it is easy when we pour detergent.

    \ 8,580 (tax-included)

    SUNUSU/ tunic apron

    Simple apron which is usable with unisex. In the case of everyday dishes, it is ◎. in the scene that of course is wide until leisure such as camping It is stylish design which looks good just to put.
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