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05/19 update

Rainy day becomes happy!
Stylish rain goods

"Does it rain?……Day of unclear weather called ". We are wondering what kind of fashion we should go out with. We introduce stylish rainy day goods led by shi erukireime raincoat on day when it was fine!

Outer which we can tolerate even if we get wet◎
Indeed, as well as what's called "raincoat", nokireime coats to water-repellent finish increase. If it is easy to match with everyday style and puts on foods at the time of sudden rain quickly, what can move without umbrella is glad. As we can put on compact poncho type with carrying rucksack on the back, it is convenient when one piece lasts.

Shoes & bag which is not upset by unexpected rain either
It is shoes and bag of fair or rainy weather combined use that want to recommend in conjunction with raincoat. If we can wear even fine weather because of rain, and design sets up favorite which is ◎, even sudden rain is sure to get thing becoming happy! As there are many choices of shoes and bag, and rainy day coordinates are more fun, choose refined design which outdoor is not too much.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of May 19, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    U-DAY Poncho D607003 GR

    Unisex poncho which is usable by couple combined use. Waterproof which can tolerate heavy rain. As it is structure to prevent rainy invasion, and to miss inside steam outside, it is glad to be hard to be stuffy.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 6,490 (tax-included)

    SC long trench raincoat 2

    Raincoat that trench-style design is stylish. Dirt of bottom prevents at long length, too. Is easily removable with snap button; is hooded.

    \ 31,900 (tax-included)

    W MTD rain ride

    Raincoat of classic design. We update for coat daily life errand for traditional horseback riding and use moisture-permeable waterproof material. We arrange air port for back, and heat that is powerful enemy in the spring and summer is reduced.
  • Foxfire

    \ 24,200 (tax-included)

    [waterproof] Lace-up poncho

    Of neck knit; tuck is rain poncho of point. Flapping caused by wind is suppressed with button under sleeve. Stylish design which is usable from everyday life to camping, outdoor festival widely.

    \ 19,800 (tax-included)

    Vibram rain boots

    Rain boots which leg looks like at middle length of side-gore neatly. We use rubber sole for exclusive use of rain of brand <vibram company> specialized in sole. It is hard to be tired from outstanding cushion characteristics and is comfortable.

    \ 6,490 (tax-included)

    Glitter rain shoes

    Pointed toe rain shoes which we want to wear not only rainy day. In sole which is hard to slip, just fit; wear; feeling. It is point that glitter KOLOR is hard to show a lot of dirts.

    \ 4,400 (tax-included)

    185104 roux tote (ROOTOTE)/SN. Deli. riperentokyambasu -B (04: white)

    Tote bag which is usable on fine day on rainy day. We made water-repellent processing on cotton canvas which was strong in friction, and was strong. Back pocket which can pick up smartphones immediately is convenient.

    \ 17,600 (tax-included)

    The top clip nylon bag pack mini

    Backpack compact clearly. Cloth for nylon with water repellency. With clip and zipper used in parachute, we prevent invasion of rainwater.
  • interstaple

    \ 3,190 (tax-included)

    ★Folding umbrella/extra light plane

    Folding umbrella which is convenient for carrying around at light weight of 69g. Unisex, usable simple design. Green, blue, pink, vivid four-colored development of red.

    \ 5,500 (tax-included)

    [store-limited] Fair or rainy weather combined use compact umbrella

    Compact umbrella of fair or rainy weather combined use. We are finished elegantly because we use cloth for umbrella with thin, moderate luster. shu marimaru size is ◎. to bag completely
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