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05/12 update

We shoot, and time becomes happy
Roomware of popular brand

Time to spend slowly in house. To be time when favorite roomware and interior are more wonderful……Do you not think of this? We collected comfortable roomware and stylish cushions which interior was easily changed to.

With fashion end of life
On holiday to spend in room, what kind of clothes do you wear? We are apt to spend slowly when with the same appearance all the time without there being end of life. We change into comfortable pajamas before lying for roomware which can be relaxed in room, and everyday rhythm is set when we keep a good balance with fashion, and great interest should appear. Person spending time with clothes which we wore out has house coat made newly by all means!

With favorite cushion leisurely
At time to relax with roomware at home, we make tender cushion partner, and how. Look for favorite cushion including appearing design of spirit and KOLOR which can feel calm. It is hard to redecorate the whole room, but can change atmosphere just to change cushion. Beads cushion that trend fits body. We are popular when we can spend being relaxed more.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of May 12, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 6,578 (tax-included)

    KU Risch long dress

    tiadowampisu which is worn coolly. It is cotton soccer dough with irregularities on the surface. Through wind, we keep refreshing comfort without sticking to skin.
  • Gelato pique

    \ 9,240 (tax-included)

    [set up] 'sumuzui' 3 horizontal stripe dress & socks SET

    Dress & socks set that pastel color is refreshing. Fluent feel of a material that bushy foot is short, and sticks to skin is feature. In light comfort, we make an outstanding performance until midsummer.
  • Aimerfeel

    \ 2,750 (tax-included)

    yurufuwa long pants one piece of article bottoms

    Plain simple sweatpants. It is excellent at comfort by soft feel. Even if of course it just goes out until easy walking to wear as pajamas and roomware; ◎.

    \ 9,900 (tax-included)

    URBAN RESEARCH X UCHINO marshmallow gauze skipper Top's

    Top's of collaboration that sound sleep pajamas are popular <UCHINO>. Is surprisingly light, and marshmallow gauze material warm softly. We lead to comfortable sleep in moderate heat, smooth comfort.

    \ 6,600 (tax-included)

    [set up] 'double gauze' dolman Top's + short pants

    Set of loose Top's and short pants. Water absorptive high 100-percent-cotton double gauze material well distinguished for feel. Design which is lovely mature, and is worn while being relaxed.
  • Any SiS

    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    [L'aube] T dress

    A feeling of relaxation T-shirt dress which drifts. As it is soft and uses material with texture such as silk, it is worn comfortably in midsummer. Side slit enters hem moderately and can enjoy leggings alignment when we go out to neighborhood.

    \ 4,290 (tax-included)

    T-shirt dress

    Hang to hem; and T dress of long length with flare. There is little fluffing and is dough which it is soft, and the feel has good. As it is thick cotton T-cloth which there is little of translucency, we are reliable even if we sweat.

    \ 7,689 (tax-included)

    Champion Back Yoke dress

    Dress of big silhouette. <Champion> Of this logo about the chest for accent. Of course "one mile coordination" to there finishes that we wear as house coat a little if we put denim together.

    \ 8,800 (tax-included)

    French bear horizontal stripes cushion cover

    Horizontal stripe cushion cover which is Malin taste. As it is both sides terry cloth, it is comfortable and is item easy to use. Polo bear embroidery of French-style is point. In the same series as for towel and the towelling blanket. ※Selling according to middle core, zipper opening and shutting.

    \ 5,280 (tax-included) 2,640 (tax-included)

    WEAVETEC/ bandana cushion

    Bandana pattern of the entire surface is design with impact. As is calm coloring, is easy to be familiar with interior, and just put in sofa and bed casually; of room accentuate.
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