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05/06 update

Boy, girls!
Stylish Kids T-shirt

It is necessities for Kids that T-shirt playing an active part is active every day and moves about from spring to summer. Not only it is practical, but also introduces the neighborhood and T-shirt of difference gatsugaosharena design and bottoms of laying upon. Choose with child by all means!

As for the boy clothes, T-shirt is decisive factor
Bottoms become dirty immediately, and, in the case of vigorous boy, there is hole and……Frequency to buy a new this increases. It is correct answer that datoshitara, boy coordination lay emphasis on T-shirt. Everyday coordination composing type is easy in design of cool print and T-shirt including color that child likes if we choose bottoms in total.

Choose without being bound by sex◎
It is characteristic that there is design that T-shirt of girl looks like "good kid" including frill errand and girly print a lot. However, you do not label as "pink in one pattern because it is girl", and pay attention to pop KOLOR and unisex design. Enjoy everyday T-shirt coordination freely simply because you have abundant selectable designs without being bound by sex.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of May 6, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 3can4on

    \ 1,868 (tax-included)

    [80-110cm] Tulle swan puff sleeve cut-and-sew

    Puff sleeve T-shirt that colorful swan is excellent at impact. Cotton material of soft feel. With message of meaning to "have possibilities to be good after rain" in French proverb.

    \ 3,520 (tax-included) 2,816 (tax-included)

    T-cloth patch print T-shirt

    T-cloth T-shirt which patchwork and embroidery were made on. There is print in rear. Design that does not become monotonous enlivens fashion of daily by arrival at one piece.
  • F.O.Online Store

    \ 2,090 (tax-included)

    Flower corn T-shirt

    T-shirt which flower print has a cute. There are white and two colors of navy. Popular design called bouquet which entered cornet is the point.

    \ 3,190 (tax-included)

    [110-130cm] MEI X cleofus print crew neck T-shirt

    Print T-shirt of outdoor brand <May> collaboration. Silhouette which let a space last by easy skin hit moderately. It is different in design, and there are ivory, yellow, three kinds of pink.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 3,080 (tax-included)

    [Kids] Wide horizontal stripe T-shirt

    T-shirt that wide frill gets a lot of looks. Stitch of side included diagonally for accent. Brand logo embroidery of the chest is casual one point, too.
  • coen

    \ 2,970 (tax-included)

    [reproduction, coen Kids/teens] Crochet Cohen bear T-shirt

    T-shirt of elaborate crochet. Bear "cha-cha" that is quite popular with Kids is motif. Tender cotton material. Premium one piece that, besides, there is not that we knit by hand one by one.

    \ 6,600 (tax-included) 5,280 (tax-included)

    Hand dyeing reducing work T-shirt

    Bold tie-dyed processing is T-shirt with full of impacts. We can enjoy exquisite nuance which we dyed by hand. In conjunction with standard bottoms.
  • F.O.Online Store

    \ 2,090 (tax-included)

    Culotte skirt

    Culotte skirt which it is easy to match with T-shirt. Camel, indigo blue, yellow, floral design and variation richness.
  • HusHusH

    \ 2,198 (tax-included)

    [100-160cm] sofutookkusuhafupantsu

    Outdoor-style belt is pants of point. Soft oxford cloth of 100% cotton to be comfortable, and to drill on the bare skin casually. All four kinds including simple plain fabric and camouflage print.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 3,740 (tax-included)

    MilkxSoda (milk soda) fashion glass

    Fashion glass pop flower-shaped frame. For ultraviolet ray measures with lenses which not only enliven feeling in the summer, but also there is 99% or more UV protection just to put on in the body when going out ideally.
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