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"Ale to oneself! In spirit in music!" Supported by Fm yokohama

From Saturday, April 18 to Sunday, June 14 <offer period>
We hold FM Yokohama and special collaboration campaign of LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza!

We raise uplifting support songs that you want to listen to most now with message!
Adopted support song is broadcasted in LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza building!
Furthermore, we present for available shopping, meal ticket 1,000 yen in LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza to employed person!

What introduce your request tune and message
FM Yokohama "U-MORE!" It is familiar Yusuke Suzuki in this!

Application is this!

※Application becomes from application site in FM Yokohama formula HP.
※It is linked to application site in FM Yokohama formula HP directly.

[offer period] From Saturday, April 18 to Sunday, June 14
[broadcast period] From Friday, May 15 to Tuesday, June 30
[the number of the adoption] 30 people

[DJ introduction]
<Yusuke Suzuki>
DJ of music variety show "U-MORE!" night on FM Yokohama Friday
We make our debut as personality of FM in 1996 after it was chosen by DJ audition in 1994. While we play an active part in radio DJ of narration of TV and CM and FM Yokohama "U-MORE!", event host as "various people who can speak" who made use of high-pitched tone, low tone.
In addition, we have a good reputation for sentence got from mother of unique DJMIX and writer who made use of turntable careers 30 years or more.
<FM Yokohama "U-MORE!">
Fun, interesting music variety show that selection of music excellent at a sense of stability of Yusuke Suzuki and the weekend from tomorrow including "fashion" utilized original antenna "gourmet" "health" look up.
Broadcast time: Every Friday from 19:00 to 21:45


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