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[recipe of Japanese confectionery]
At home in earnest! Handmade bracken rice cake

tsururun, purun. Season when warabimochi to be able to enjoy refined coolness is delicious. We introduce bracken rice cake using "this bracken powder" "special approval bracken powder" and how to make black syrup!

Let's make with parent and child!
verinu of Tomizawa agar jelly and milk mousse

Using jelly mix and mousse mix, it is sweets in the summer in house! It is simple recipe to have in parent and child. We put fruit in the agar jelly, and appearance is special, too♪

[in house Afternoon Tea]
How to serve delicious iced tea

It is good in summer! We give a lecture on how to serve Earl Grey iced tea. Eye-opening one point technique to finish to clear iced tea is check required!

It is easy at home
How to make delicious spiced tea

Indian style sweet tea with milk "spiced tea." Uplifting taste that spice worked for is recommended to summer lethargy measures. We challenge the making of spiced tea together while seeing video!

After all, summer is this!
"Beef curry for adult"

We eat with ingredients which we did rumblingly and meet, and the royal road beef curry introduces "beef curry for adult" well. Recipe of "salad of Scotch kale" which we want to attach to curry is must-see!

We are reliable with one this in the summer!
New item "eagerness measures watch"

Check well healthy with the latest eagerness measures item "eagerness measures watch" which is easily usable in anyone from Kids to adult with fashion in spite of being pleasure!

It is easy lightly♪
Summer nipittarinakireime pants!

It is excellent at affinity with flat sandals for a feeling of shortish length. Tapered pants that we wear, and seasonal wearing goes perfect in being feeling which are easy kai* are sure to get outstanding performance this summer!

Ideal art made with skin in the summer
"Giving in spite of being last joke"

We introduce NEW face care line to lead to the surface which is scrub face polisher for face and "fresh & glow". On skin ideal by SABON style face care!

We taste resort feeling of this year with hair!
French-style highlight KOLOR which goes up of feeling

We put "highlight" and change for soft hairstyle with good three-dimensional impression in summer! Let's enjoy fashion from hair in this summer♪

[in house Afternoon Tea]
It is vegetables ratatouille in the summer flop

Ratatouille with full of vegetables is good in the summer in hot season! We can easily do it with one cocotte hotpot. Even if we arrange into pasta and bruschetta.

Let's be connected by remote session!
Babyface "Everytime I Close My Eyes"

Six lecturers of razona shop challenge remote performance! It is splendor of music that can be connected even if far. We are coping with online lesson in Shimamuragakki. Let's get well in music♪

What kind of person is it that tells “? In "
We answer through music!

It is about teacher telling that we are interested in online lesson. "Family tie" provides a lecturer of razona shop on masterpiece "remember me" of theme. This place is person frame by concert of last year. Delightful lecturer loving music gathers!

It is easily made one in frying pan!
Authentic acqua pazza

We cannot part once if we use! We introduce Italian fish dishes recipe to be able to make this into in popular "TNS frying pan" one. It is good in hot season! Please enjoy in house!

Though it is T-shirt, we see properly!
Summer look that 2WAY Top's grants

Though it is T-shirt, for feel of texture with luster, we introduce "mercerized cotton with silky touch series" worn neatly lightly! It is summer excellence Top's to be able to mix-and-match on both office and holiday.

We learn from snap of the stylish staff!
Summer coordinates of Women's & Men's

Snap of the razona shop Shops staff introduces recommended trendy coordination this summer! How to handle petty person and wearing point including color-matching are checks required, too!

Is new sense; arrive; feeling!
"Anytime just Bra" of sense that pita pays

We solve trouble about bust including change of cup with laterality and hormone Balance of bust! We introduce Bra of unprecedented "pita rice cake sense".

[KONAMI method]
Way ... of stomach yaseno art - crunch

Necessary thing only as for two pieces of towels! Fitness simple in house! We strengthen the outside and the inside of stomach, both muscles, and let's repulse poochy stomach.

[we dissolve summer skin trouble]
The bare skin which is regulated well in karenduratona!

To the healthy bare skin that we fix the skin surface which received summer damage including drying with increase of sebum secretion by high temperature and humidity and indoor air conditioning easily, and trouble is hard to get up!

[KONAMI method]
Copybook ... of art - Katsutaro Shirai of making a frontal turn

Basic "making a frontal turn" of exercises. Are posture, fruit wrong even if they think that they are in love? With copybook of Katsutaro Shirai, let's learn safe "making a frontal turn" definitely!

Summer to go perfect with one piece!
"UR TECH" dress coordination

Friend where summer is strong in "UR TECH" which both Eco and functionality included series. We introduce trendy coordination which we want to wear now using "UR TECH" dress with wearing point!

It is excellent at mix-and-match power
Excellence pants which we want to prepare in irochi

Pants of UV "easy-care" that function is with care, and is wrinkle-resistant material are recommended to telework and commuting! All-around black, konareno white, fresh camel are all convenience◎

Work progresses, too!
Pleasant telework interior

We review interior in now when we shoot, and time increased! Under the theme of "telework pleasant unexpectedly" that we discovered in the staff's experience, we introduce recommended interior.

It is usable in IN&OUT!
Summer linen coordination

As for the linen item which can spend even going out of hot day comfortably in house, heavy rotation is inevitable this summer! We introduce coordination using linen item to be able to use for the everyday imminent scene.

Excellent; with proper pants to align
House yoga session♪

<lululemon athletica> house yoga session by razonasutoaambasada. We achieve feeling, and, in "pants to align" which are most suitable for yoga, let's sweat together.

How to Wash
How to wash right Bra

Lace and lingerie made of small parts are very sensitive. From how to wash to dried way, one piece of favorite lasts a long time by right care method, too!

Konami Sports Club original
Interval training
[qadi Oklo's whole body drill ①]

The studio exercise first that we finish defeating! We introduce training using whole body which is recommended to lack of exercise cancellation! Let's move body together while seeing video.

How to make a wallet
Shoes boxwork Shops

Let's make original wallet with empty box! DIY for making wallet using shoes box which corrugated cardboard Aristrist Fuyuki Shimazu tells. For summer work of daddy & Kids◎

The North Face | Young Explorers |
For future me, can do it now

For the future, it will be what that there is now. You spend time when you just wait, and do you not give up wanting to do it? What we want to tell to children now.

The ACTUS staff comments!
ACTUS original schoolbag

Selection of school bag is taking the initiative leading to victory! Both function and design, please experience <ACTUS X Kokuyo> collaboration school bag of favorable reception every year in razona shop!

[KONAMI method] Art of how to teach rear rotations
We will wear ... big swing

The back rotation of horizontal bar with many babies which we do not like is easy if we get even art! From swing to supporting art, we lecture clearly. Let's master rear rotation during summer vacation!

Drip coffee together

In PART1 to enjoy in house <STARBUCKS®>, coffee specialist initiates into art of basic drip coffee. Please always enjoy something coffee!

Coffee which is delicious by coffee press

In PART2 to enjoy in house <STARBUCKS®>, we introduce how to serve coffee using coffee press! As we can easily enjoy coffee original taste, it is recommended.

We suffer from the summer heat with black vinegar and pork and repulse!
It is "black vinegar sweet and sour pork recipe rumblingly"

It is good in coming season becoming hot! Is appetizing; introduce "black vinegar sweet and sour pork recipe rumblingly". Eat, and die out; is ◎. for summer lethargy measures at perfect score The recipe details are Instagram: We check @abccookingofficial!