COMMUNITY to connect which links hometown Kawasaki. LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza carries out various activities utilized characteristic of shopping mall commencing with interchange event with hometown Kawasaki-shi! For more details, we check the following latest information!


  • razona Bon festival danceFor more details
  • Coming soon...
  • Coming soon...

※As for the event, cancellation or contents may be changed without notice.

We carry out various approaches for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread to have customer of visit enjoy shopping, meal in peace in facility. Please confirm the latest policy about movement of the metropolis and districts to live on visit. In addition, by cooperation requests of the government, there is possibility changing in a hurry about use of Hours of operation, parking lot time, business contents. In the case of visit, come after checking the latest Hours of operation from "news" of facility website page. I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.

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