COMMUNITY to connect which links hometown Kawasaki. LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza carries out various activities utilized characteristic of shopping mall commencing with interchange event with hometown Kawasaki-shi! For more details, we check the following latest information!


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※As for the event, cancellation or contents may be changed without notice.

Back number

  • Rugby World Cup final public viewing
  • Kawasaki Frontale J League YBC ruvankappu "championship briefing session"
  • Kawasaki Halloween 2019
  • Kawasaki 2019 that is festival "will be connected by event"; notice event
  • "It is before river para-2,019-1 years! Para-summer festival ... in LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
  • Summer festival in razona
  • Rugby World Cup event
  • The TOSHIBA future Hall of Science "scientific athletic meet"
  • Taro Okamoto Museum "will create original TARO carp!"