LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

nyairudo bowl! LaLaport Super Pet Park

nyairudo bowl! LaLaport Super Pet Park

North the first floor of the hall nyairudo bowl! It keeps various pet-related Shops in this!

nyairudo bowl! ZONE MAP

The details of each Shops are Clik! in logo

Coming customer, please use P4, P8, P10, P11 parking lot in Car. When pet is accompanied by, please pass the following route.



Icon explanation

To customer that pet is accompanied by

  • ・To place except the above (footprint mark part), please refrain from companion of pet except guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog.
  • ・The elevator and implication in escalator, processing, please support trouble that we put in facility in the responsibility of owner.
  • ・You handle disposal of excrement in the responsibility of owner, and please cope.
  • ・You handle instrument damage, the damage, objection due to pet in the responsibility of owner, and please cope. .
  • ・We do not take responsibility between pets about fight at all in our facility.
  • ・Ask each Shops staff about pet companion to each Shops.
  • ・Of lead bind, and please refrain from leaving of pet by reckoning.
  • ・In the case of traffic, small dog can enter carrier bag by pet companion, and please pass. Please tie big dog to reed by all means.
  • ・About accident and trouble due to pet, our facility does not take responsibility. Please be careful.
  • ・I would like cooperation so that other customers do not come to trouble.