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Request for the cash register congestion situation and prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

We have you note because of the following contents on the use by point of view of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread and would appreciate your cooperation.

・It is crowded very much for from 10:00 to 12:00 regardless of day.
・It is crowded very much daylong on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and needs considerable time before payment.

・Waiting line awaiting entering a shop occurs that "sealing, crowd are close" and avoid in rush hours.

・Purchase avoids the date and time to be crowded alone as much as possible, and please come.
・We leave interval with other customers in shop and would appreciate your doing shopping.
・The 15th cash registers form a line from the ninth in comparison with other cash registers about cash register at the time of congestion, and please use by all means as there are many cases that line has a short. (I would like confirmation before row)
・We have you follow social distance when you have you line up at cash register, and cooperation, please to have you are alone as possible and line up in the case of visit by the plural number of people such as family, friend.

As for the LOPIA, Mainichi is bargain.
We relatively recommend the weekday use not to take time to cash register if he/she purchases the same product.

※2020/05/09 update


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