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Sogo Pharmacy aims at the making of valuable drugstore which drinks, and adhered to area that we can talk about about overall laying upon and health care of prescribed medicine (medicine to prepare based on prescription of doctor) and general over-the-counter drug in concept in "healthy station of all".
In Sogo Pharmacy, we accept prescription of all medical institutions.

Hours of operation

9:00-20:00 (only on Thursday 9:00-19:00)


The number of seats: 15

The number of the non-smoking sections: 15

Smoking section number: 0

Contact information

TEL: 047-421-7831

FAX: 047-421-7832

There is day when Hours of operation is changed by change in closing the office, office hours of the west hall 3F clinic. For more details, please refer.
The main handling
Pharmacy service under health insurance general practitioner medicine (OTC) sanitary protection
Services culture, other clinics
  • Reward card impossibility
  • Non-smoking
  • Wheelchair is possible
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