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Respect nature, Respect fashion.
BAYFLOW (BAYFLOW) loves nature and is lifestyle brand of "good-quality daily casual wear + life miscellaneous goods" for adult woman loving fashion.
Lifestyle that feels wind of comfortable nature, and is healthy, and is stylish.
That is form of happiness that BAYFLOW suggests.

[ONE-MILE] [URBAN] Wear which unfolds mainly on two categories called this.
[ONE-MILE] Casual wear which was simple, and added trendy elements such as good-quality standard item and color or material only by season which becomes axis of all styling

[URBAN] Trendy casual wear for the urbane scene of adult who is stylish at good quality that can support as light Sunday clothes

Bottom item becoming point of styling is recommended item of BAYFLOW.
We wore in silhouette of "it is refreshing thin", discerning material by three-dimensional original pattern and focused on good fitting feeling of feeling. In addition, we developed size KOLOR and variation of style abundantly.

Life miscellaneous goods mainly on living table & kitchen health & beauty item.
We develop item becoming essence of healthy, stylish lifestyle every season.
We select item which expressed Respect nature, Respect fashion. which BAYFLOW publishes.
We send life miscellaneous goods making everyday living fun wealthily.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 (from Monday to Thursday)/10:00-21:00 (Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday)

Contact information

TEL: 047-421-7171

The main handling
Ladies' wear, life miscellaneous goods (kitchen living health & beauty item)
Fashion Women's Men's Kids interior, life miscellaneous goods interior life miscellaneous goods
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