LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

Cinema complex largest in Chiba of 1,881 seats of 10 screen.
We introduce innovative cinema sound "Dolby atmos" of Dolby into main hall for the first time in Japan. We introduce attraction type 4D theater "MX4D" in 2015.
We add to masterpiece of Hollywood to be able to enjoy to wide customer and popular Japanese movie, and the screening lineup will provide single hall pro-art work and good-quality work which was rich in Asia movie represented by Korean, variety including Animated Feature Film which Japan boasts of.

Hours of operation

8:30 ... ※Time varies according to running times


The number of seats: 1881

The number of the non-smoking sections: 1881

Smoking section number: 0

Contact information

TEL: 050-6868-5057

The main handling
Services culture, other cinemas
  • Reward card impossibility
  • Non-smoking
  • Wheelchair is possible
  • There is car seat
  • There is alcoholic beverage
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