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It is theme park of "shoes" that everybody can gather.
The suburbs model mega shoes Shops which 1100 ten*, store specializing in shoes CHIYODA deploy to the whole country further evolves "SHOE, PLAZA", and shoes select Shops, that high sensitive which were conscious of fashion trend urban are Shoo Plaza Park.
 "Open space of shoes that everybody can gather" where is concept of Shoo Plaza Park as for the child,
Adult and woman and man provide such a space where everybody can enjoy selection of shoes from Kids to senior.
Comfortable, functional shoes which it is everyday fashion in Shoo Plaza Park, and are healthy and are security, relief, and are indispensable to daily life of all. Shoo zupurazapaku is filled with shoes giving pleasure, joy, comfort.
We have various brands in Shoo Plaza Park.
"Hydrotech" of original brand "Cedar Crest" "bio fitter"
We make use of various voices in sales floor which is the nearest to, customer in manufacturing and are item to be able to buy only in function demanded from daily life including waterproof, anti-slipping, ventilation, impulsiveness, us which wear, and pursued feeling thoroughly.
"NIKE" of sports brand "adidas" "new balance" "Converse" "PUMA" is not only the sports scene now, and even the casual scene will suggest popular item and trendy item which was particular about fashionability including "Timberland" "Mobus" "goraiasu" "Keds" "ELLE PLANETE" "JELLY BEANS" to.
Sports shoes which play an active part in sports scene. Casual shoes which give joy and pleasure in everyday life. Business shoes which are hard to be worn-out even if we wear all day. Pumps with legendary man with long legs beauty leg effect. Formal shoes which stretched themselves a little on special day. "Shoo Plaza Park" produces foot of all with quality of oneself from step.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 (from Monday to Thursday)/10:00-21:00 (Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday)

Contact information

TEL: 047-495-6330

The main handling
"Hydrotech" "Cedar Crest" "bio fitter" "McGREGOR" "ELLE PLANETE" "Keds" "NIKE" "adidas" "new balance" "Converse" "PUMA" "Timberland" "Mobus"
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