LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

<< sex appeal >> We approach adult by selection of KOLOR of atmosphere and << color taste >> called this.
We suggest mode-style that the "stylish yet practical clothes" such universal, simple clothing was refined by item, wearing.
We stare at one step of mode by selection of color and rebuild mode of nano·universe interpretation that added street, Miss Tully, lock to +α.
Feel feminiti such as flavor of Ls "sanctuary" bouquet, and from selection of accessory favorite as for the new season
We want to regain oneself of the real face with style ring which is relaxing.
Sanctuary of light that favorites only for them gather there.
It is chic, and, as for the item which took in rose window and print, color to be seen in European Gothic architecture this season in the Middle Ages that item which is classical music has equal, building-like, there is solid feeling in frill, and it is in season when you can enjoy dramatic ON&OFF in the finish letting femininity become more attractive still more exceptionally.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 (from Monday to Thursday)/10:00-21:00 (Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday)

Contact information

TEL: 047-421-7235

The main handling
nano・universe, The 1st. Floor
FashionWomen's Men's
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