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We have domestic and foreign first-class eyewear abundantly in IWAKI. We introduce particularly recommended special dish in that.

≪Oakley OAKLEY≫
OAKLEY which leads world supotsuaiuea.
IWAKI is recognized as "OAKLEY PREMIUM dealer" (abbreviation OPD) in OAKLEY dealer and is shop handling every eyewear of OAKLEY.
All the staff has qualification of the OAKLEY expert staff (authorized salesperson) and answer by precise advice to customer. Please consult about lenses with degree. We perform inspection to be possible simply because it is specialty store, wearing test enough.
Please look for one of the assent at store.

≪REC SPECS Rex pecks≫
Goggles for sports that "Rex pecks" were made to protect eyes of child who worked on soccer or basketball.
It comprises function that is indispensable to enjoy sports safely including form fitting use of material softening invention and shock that intense exercise cannot drag, wide field of vision and face.

≪EYEMETRICS aimetorikusu≫
aimetorikusu to complete to each person's face aiming at unification with face.
; is comfortable; collected the best of the highest technology to run, and to realize feeling.
By 3D measure "eye meter" proud of minute measurement system, we calculate position of eyes and ear, eyes for the most suitable eyesight and more detailed data including position of lenses at height of cheeks varying among customers, interval of both eyes and tailor-make in solid shape of face of customer in total. ・・ ... aimetorikusu is glasses only for you who were born from science.

≪3 checkered Services of IWAKI≫
We measure eyesight in checkered ... free of charge of I eyesight.
Please before update of license. We do examination for depth of large license.

We will clean dirt which attached to checkered ... frame and nose of II dirt.

Checkered ... judgment of III condition is everyday use. The slack and frame distortion of screw occur. As you run and see other than poor feeling and affect, please ask for adjustment casually.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 (from Monday to Thursday)/10:00-21:00 (Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday)

Contact information

TEL: 047-434-3961

FAX: 047-435-3877

The main handling
aimetorikusu/Polaris/Lindbergh/Lafont/OAKLEY/adidas/Ray-Ban/Alain Mikli/Paul Smith/COACH/organizer Lean/Rex pecks/bazeru/Porsche/FERRAGAMO/CAZAL/Steph
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