LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

... which has stylish days which is good for ... Be happy heart
Brand of clothes and miscellaneous goods which there is new discovery whenever it comes, and suggest "thing" that heart becomes rich "thing." We want that moderate trendy feeling adds color to style like oneself and to spend comfortable days. It is Shops which did "Be happy" where something which seems to be oneself who just fitted various lifestyles is found in in concept.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 (from Monday to Thursday)/10:00-21:00 (Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday)

Contact information

TEL: 047-495-2077

FAX: 047-495-2080

The main handling
General KIDS & GOODS casual from suit of general WOMENS casual from suit of UNITED ARROWS UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing MENS
Fashion Women's Men's Kids
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