LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

"Children's clothes which color memory."
One piece of favorite coloring important memory.
"Après les cours " can spend days in original coloration and textile in particular
We send such "one piece".
We want to be dressed up every day! You take from original daily wear in response to feeling of mom and Kids to Sunday clothes remaining for arrival at fashion, memory that took trend widely, and be prepared
We handle babywear (50-80cm), Kidsware (80-140cm), miscellaneous goods including shoes, bag and suggest total coordinate of Kids.
Gathering in siblings is brand to be able to enjoy.

Hours of operation

10:00-20:00 ※Friday and Saturday, Sunday/Holiday is 10:00-21:00

Contact information

TEL: 047-421-7754

The main handling
Baby Kidsware, miscellaneous goods
Fashion Kids
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