LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

 "SIXPAD STORE TOKYO BAY" opening this time is store specializing in direct management of the Chiba first to go out shop.

Mainly on EMS device including "SIXPAD Foot Fit" strengthening sole and calf effectively, you can sense all wear "Training Suit" raising activity level of muscle which we added lineup of Top's to newly lineups bodily. We have "Burning Shot" supporting combustion by training that was born as the second supplement and supplement "HMB Supplement" for muscle.

In shop of clean view of the world based on white, we offered the cause of waiting on customers of training adviser who had specialized knowledge in "SIXPAD", wide counseling counter which you could sense bodily relaxedly. The physical measurement using body composition meter and support such as continuous training advice with counseling are fulfilling. We suggest training plan by "SIXPAD" to needs of customer.

Hours of operation

It is 00 00~21 10 00~20 moon ~ tree 10 on Sunday/Holiday on 00 Friday and Saturday

Contact information

TEL: 047-421-7105

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