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Baggage temporary custody Services

<announcement of baggage temporary custody Services stop>
We are stopping custody Services now at baggage 1:00.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The use guidance
  • Custody becomes only for the day.
  • Leaving would like by all means within 30 minutes before closing time of the day.
  • I cannot take about the following articles.
(1)Cash, securities
(2)Noble metal, jewel, art
(3)Breakables (glassware)
(4)Precision instrument (PC video cameras)
(5)Food and drink
(6)The animals and plants such as pet or flower arrangement
(7)It is taken as dangerous materials, ignition thing and dangerous materials
(8)Daily necessities (umbrella, clothing, stroller)
(9)Shopping cart for store
(10)In addition, we may affect other articles
  • When we leave, and vote is lost, you may not take over baggage.
     Please be careful not to make any loss.
  • We cannot suffer about damage, damage by on-the-job fault, responsibility except damage.
     Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
South hall 1F (blue escalator east)
Baggage temporary custody Services
Baggage temporary custody Services