LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

Rental of wheelchair

We rent wheelchair at each site in the hall.
100 yen is needed on the use with wheelchair. (return type)

  • ※Please note that number includes limit.
  • ※Please note that making a reservation did not hear.
Information Desk North hall 1F
South hall 2F
Coin return type Setting place
[A] P7 parking lot 1F
[B] P7 parking lot 3F
[C] [D] P2 parking lot 4F
[E] ... [H] P2 parking lot 5 - RF
[K] The neighborhood of north hall 2F center open space
[L] The neighborhood of north hall 1F center open space
[M] The west hall 1F TULLY'S COFFEE neighborhood

Detailed rental place, please confirm this.