LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

Rental of wheelchair

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, coin return-type wheelchair stops rental.
 ※We rent only south the second floor of the hall General Information (available time: 10:00-20:00).
 I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We rent wheelchair at each site in the hall.
100 yen is needed on the use with wheelchair. (return type)

  • ※Please note that number includes limit.
  • ※Please note that making a reservation did not hear.
Information Desk North hall 1F
South hall 2F
Coin return type Setting place
[A] P7 parking lot 1F
[B] P7 parking lot 3F
[C] [D] P2 parking lot 4F
[E] ... [H] P2 parking lot 5 - RF
[K] The neighborhood of north hall 2F center open space
[L] The neighborhood of north hall 1F center open space
[M] The west hall 1F TULLY'S COFFEE neighborhood

Detailed rental place, please confirm this.