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05/22 update

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Popular T-shirt coordination

Summer T-shirt which is indispensable to coordination every day. Place that we want to dress well to annual trend simply because it is standard item. It seemed that anyone was digested and picked up favorite design to see like now just to wear!

T plain in kireime coordination
Nuance KOLOR of beautiful color is the best recommended in this season. We can enjoy gorgeous lack of color without becoming too much showy. In addition, fashion degree improves casually if we choose thing which worked of accent by turnback or stitch errand of sleeve in the case of simple plain fabric T. When bottoms are flat sandals to wide pants, and summarize in atmosphere that kireimedakedo is not too hard; ◎.

Logo T-shirt is adult-like, too
T-shirt that logo was printed on the front is distinguished for looking nice effect with one piece. Trendy photoprint is recommended to person feeling uncomfortable about claim of logo print in this season. Choose adult-like graphic. Wearing that is dark, and puts material with a feeling of system KOLOR and omission together, and provided a feeling of relaxation that is adult-like with bottoms is nowadays. It is good to one which we use to take off of jacket coordination.

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※For information of May 22, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    [Rythme KUMIKYOKU] Detail Tee twist T-shirt

    Torsion design of West is T-shirt of point. Jersey material with moderate tension and feeling of omission. Of course, at compact length, skirt is excellent at affinity with casual bottoms including denim.

    \ 2,090 (tax-included)

    [FUDGE May issue publication] Organic cotton French sleeve T-shirt

    T-shirt of feminine French sleeve. 100% of very comfortable organic cotton. It is ◎. for inner for jacket and camisole dress As color development is abundant, choose favorite.
  • Doux archives

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    Sleeve turnback T

    Plain fabric T-shirt which it is easy to match with any coordination. It is excellent at comfort with cotton superior in absorbency, breathability. In trendy abundant color development that it is dark, and color kept, one piece of favorite should be found.
  • 23KU

    \ 17,600 (tax-included)

    [washable] Dry cotton twill wide pants

    Button is wide pants of point. Dry cotton twill material which we can hand-wash at home. When we entered, clean high waist that Balance is good designs T-shirt.
  • any FAM

    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    Thong sandals

    Thong sandals of synthetic leather. Trendy design like this season. If is easy to match with wide taste, and add to T-shirt coordination, in impression that is stylish with mode.
  • Doux archives

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    Ain' t T-shirt

    Logo T-shirt of dough which we did by hardening well. Is dark, and is KOLOR and sen iokaketa processing; one piece with a feeling of vintage. Coordination which we matched with denim and long skirt is recommended.

    \ 2,530 (tax-included) 2,024 (tax-included)

    [HIS] [2WAY] PhotoT-shirt

    T-shirt which is worn in photoprint and 2WAY of simple logo. All different three kinds of graphic. Mix-and-match power is double if we change front and back by bottoms to put together.
  • J Lounge

    \ 6,490 (tax-included)

    Cut pleats easy wide pants

    Easy pants of pleat processing to be relaxed, and to drill. Cloth for cut-and-sew with swelling which there is a feeling of omission, and is moderate. For accent when ribbon of West entered with T-shirt.

    \ 11,000 (tax-included)

    The Jacksons jute bag -D

    Bag which there is the resort mood of popular brand <Jackson's> from the U.K. It is edited in natural jute material well, and the durability is superior, too. Let sense of fun work for T-shirt-style.

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    ◆Mock neck T-shirt

    60/1 smooth material using original super long cotton gives LuxA processing, and soft texture and glossiness add sense of values. Item that cut-and-sew of mock neck design is indispensable to the current wearing.
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