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  • 07/08 update news

Guidance of priority parking bay

There is priority parking bay in the following parking lots.

In addition, it is corresponded as follows, and priority parking bay takes first priority and is available.
・Where wheelchair is used
・Person who needs sticks on walking
・During pregnancy
※P1, P7 parking lot are for exclusive use of the person mentioned above
Please refrain from the use of person who does not correspond as above.

P1 parking lot
The first floor: 4 divisions
The third floor: 4 divisions
The fourth floor: 4 divisions
12 divisions in total

P2 parking lot
The fourth floor: 8 divisions
The fifth floor: 1 division
The sixth floor: 1 division
The seventh floor: 1 division
The roof floor: 1 division
12 divisions in total

P4 parking lot
The roof floor: 9 divisions
9 divisions in total

P5 parking lot
The first floor: 2 divisions
2 divisions in total

P6 parking lot
Floor above the ground: 1 division in total
1 division in total
※Plane parking lot

P7 parking lot
The first floor: 5 divisions
The third floor: 6 divisions
11 divisions in total

The above
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