LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

  • 05/27 update

News about in-house facility, Services

For new coronavirus infection spread, we should give following response about in-house facility, Services for the time being.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

≪About in-house facility≫    
■About smoking area
All the smoking areas for customer are closed down.

■About common use department sofa, restroom, babies' rest room
Common use department sofas remove a part to keep enough distance between users, and they set point that is not available.
About washstand of man and woman restroom, urinal for men and babies' seat of babies' rest room, we set point that we cannot use.

■About parking lot
We will close some parking lots to avoid congestion in hall.

■About elevator, escalator
As for the elevator, as for the use, the escalator with a small number of people, I would like the use that we leave interval.

■About operation of food court
・They prohibit principle meeting, and two seats set point that they cannot use to have one person, four seats are two people and use.
・We remove partly to secure distance of table.
・We should prohibit eating and drinking in food court of product which we purchased any place other than food court store more strictly.
・About rush hours, please note that there is possibility limiting entrance.

≪About Services in hall≫
■About service of free pick-up bus (Minami-Funabashi route, Funabashi-Keibajo Station route, Yatsu patrol route)
We will stop for the time being.
About service resumption, we judge on seeing the situation and announce on homepages as soon as it is decided.

■About first aid (dispensary)
It is closed down.

■About baggage temporary checkroom
It is closed down.

■About rental of wheelchair
It should be the use and cancellation of coin-type wheelchair which there was at each site in the hall.
As we loan in south the second floor of the hall General Information, sorry for your inconvenience, but wanting customer would appreciate your coming.

■About rental of stroller
Rental should be cancellation.

■About operation of General Information
We assume only south the second floor of the hall General Information operation, and north the first floor of the hall General Information is closed down.

・We do some changemakers with stopping use.
・We will cancel setting of floor guide of paper.
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