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  • 04/15 update news

Information for expiration date extension application acceptance of Mitsui Shopping Park point meeting sharpness on expiration date for from February to June in 2020

Thank you very much for always using LaLaport Tokyo-Bay .
For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we did some Hours of operation from February through May for change, temporary closure. Therefore we will guide as follows as expiration date of Mitsui Shopping Park point was able to apply for extension of point that expired effectively about come customer on the end of from February to June.

■Form (it varies according to months in time limit) for exclusive use of entry about Mitsui Shopping Park point expiration date
2.3 moon lapse from this:
April lapse from this:
 5.6 moon lapse from this:

■Notice matter when you use
・Exclusive form period of use: In the case of 2.3 moon lapse, in the case of lapse, it is April until July 31, 2020 until June 30, 2020. In the case of lapse, it is 5.6 month until August 31, 2020.
・It is targeted for extension: Day extends lapse point of from February, 2020 to June for up to two years from day in time limit on expiration date. But we will carry out extension work of point sequentially after day came on expiration date.
・Extension work period: As you complete work within one month after the arrival in time limit after having you apply, please confirm point by My page, Mitsui Shopping Park application. In addition, please note that you cannot inform of work completion.
・We would appreciate your refraining from inquiry of having point or not that lapsed.
・Expiration date day: You can confirm with My page, Mitsui Shopping Park application, point receipt.
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