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  • 11/22 update | Event, news

Instructions about event

・Cancellation or contents may be changed holding on account of the sponsor.

・In the case of bad weather, cancellation or contents may be changed holding.

・Around in facility and facility stay overnight, and vigil is not accepted firmly.

・We prohibit event viewing that we stop in general passage as it becomes general passage other than the viewing area of venue.

・We cannot take responsibility about theft of baggage and any other troubles at all on person concerned with event (sponsor, event site, performer) side.

・Please take garbage which occurred in venue home by all means without leaving unattended.

・As viewing by shoulders including small child is dangerous, please certainly stop.

・We may arrange various limits for accident, confusion prevention of the day

・When act to disturb administration is done, please leave from venue. In the case of the worst, we may cancel the event.
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