Access by train

  • A five-minute walk from Minami-Funabashi Station on the JR Line Keiyo Line. *Free shuttle service available.
  • A ten-minute walk from Funabashi-Keibajo Station on the Keisei Electric Railway. *Free shuttle service available.


Access by bus

  • Fare-based route buses bound for Keisei Funabashi Station, JR Line Minami-Funabashi Station and JR Line Tsudanuma Station are available.

Access by car

  • From Tokyo
    It is Keiyo Road Route 1 -> Hanawa Interchange -> Route 14 (Drive back 1km)
    It is Bayshore Route Route 2 -> Chidori-cho Interchange -> Route 357 (6.5km ahead)
    It is Bayshore Route Route 3 -> Yatsu Funabashi Interchange -> Route 357 (Make a U-turn at the first traffic light and drive back 2.5km)
  • From Chiba
    It is Keiyo Road Route 4 -> Hanawa Interchange -> Route 14 (1km ahead)
    It is Higashi-KantōExpressway Route 5 -> Wangan-Chiba Interchange -> Route 357 (6km ahead)
Please use public transportation instead of private cars.