• Event that is targeted for 0-2 years old
  • Event that is targeted for 4-8 years old
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0-2-year-old parent and child object

mama with LaLaport X HANSHIN woman support project thiafull parent and child cafe Presented by HANSHIN woman support project

Event that interchange is deepened while moms living along Hanshin relax.
Content to be able to enjoy in course and workshop, parent and child including interchange and child care consultation between moms is varied.

LaLaport Koshien 2F
Park walk coat/food court
On the date
Every month fourth Wednesday
※We hold on Wednesday third in December on the fifth Wednesday in May
0 years old - 2 years old
Entrance fee
Free of charge ※Prior application system
Date ・
Concert 12/18 Christmas 1/22 Valentine 2/26 Doll's Festival 3/25 spring of 4/24 Easter 5/29 strawberry 6/26 flower clock 7/24 aquarium 8/28 summer festival 9/25 Halloween 10/23 mini-athletic meet 11/27 forest
★There are diaper spare space and the nursing space, stroller place, too. ★As eating and drinking are possible, mom is reliable, too! While we develop course that childcare heated former kindergarten religion theory of lecturer laughter to breed in, nursery staff nochizuchan, konochanga childcare, child care is excited at more around Kobe-shi!
  • ※Program contents may be changed without notice.
  • ※We hope that we do not take our eyes off child during event.
4-8-year-old parent and child object

We grow up using Gokan rapidly! gokan classroom

oyako! Age that curiosity and sense of cooperation, autonomy feeling arise in the growth jikan 4-8-year-old children, and absorbs various things rapidly. Many parent and child programs that take that we learned from home becoming the basics for future growth to go, and can grow up with daddy and mom.

On the date
Every month third Saturday
Child of 4 years old - 8 years old
※Protector companion required
Entrance fee
[the public] 300 yen (tax-included)
[member of Kids club] participation for free
※Club member's card kids' as for member of Kids club in reception desk
Please show.
The date
1/18 2019 4/20 5/18 6/15 7/20 8/17 9/21 10/19 11/16 12/21 2020 2/15 3/21
※There is fear that the date is changed in a hurry.
Sight eyes hearing ear sense of smell nose taste tongue sense of touch skin which brings up Gokan

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