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08/07 update

We can dress well coolly in summer
Sleeveless dress

No sleeve dress to be able to spend being relaxed coolly is good in midsummer. As we can mix-and-match until autumn even if we buy now, we buy more and are recommended as item. Let's enjoy fashion without yielding to heat with a no pickpocket dress this summer!

Choose in favorite silhouette
No sleeve dress which is worn clearly. A-line that vertical line and hem worn for sutonto season spread as for the popular silhouette, and it is in pretty impression. X line where West was narrowed down to is the best recommended if we want to make look like well-controlled figure. Calm KOLOR is fresh like adult. If it is showy color like summer, we can aim at looking nice effect with one piece gorgeously.

Mix-and-match is possible from summer to autumn
Simple no sleeve dress is excellent at mix-and-match power. We can enjoy coordination like summer with all one's might if we add accessory in summer such as espadrille or hat of nature material. As there is not sleeve, it is easy to combine with haori thing and is good to coordination in autumn if we add cardigan. As exposure is suppressed if person feeling uncomfortable about no sleeve has cardigan on the shoulder, it is recommended.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of August 7, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 9,900 (tax-included) 5,940 (tax-included)

    BY side slit no sleeve maxi cut-and-sew dress

    Maxi length dress of clean vertical line silhouette. Cut-and-sew dough which we finished with cotton which was dry touch. Simple design which is usable for a long time without being influenced by the fashion.
  • any FAM

    \ 6,589 (tax-included)

    Silky linen no sleeve dress

    Sleeveless dress that A-line silhouette which does not spread too much is refined. High-quality silky linen dough that feel is soft. We can enjoy various arrangement depending on accessory to put together.
  • qualite

    \ 14,080 (tax-included)

    [for a limited number] 2WAY no sleeve dress

    2WAY dress which is worn by Cache-coeur or button design. Relaxation mood 100% cotton material that there is. It is recommended West string makes slipknot, and to drip lightly.
  • archives

    \ 7,150 (tax-included)

    [in setup] Dobby weave no sleeve dress

    No sleeve dress which the back greatly opened. With 100% cotton worn lightly, it is dobby weave dough with Nuance. We look at trendy back in total and can enjoy seo with simple underwear.

    \ 6,490 (tax-included) 4,290 (tax-included)

    Linen rayon volume dress

    A-line dress which is light though we are substantial. Linen rayon material worn lightly. Leggings and pants and styling like layered this season when we did are recommended.

    \ 5,899 (tax-included)

    << linen >> Sleeveless dress shift

    A-line dress which is relaxed, and is worn. Linen natural feeling and fluent feel of rayon. Styling to put belts together, and to browse is recommended. With petticoat.

    \ 5,899 (tax-included)

    [some stores-limited] Random rib flare easy pants

    Easy pants which it is easy to match with dress. Tape recorder material which is light with 100% cotton, and is comfortable. West becomes rubber and is recommended to coordination with a feeling of relaxation.
  • AG by aquagirl

    \ 6,600 (tax-included) 2,640 (tax-included)

    VULCARINI (barukarini) cross espadrille sandals

    Espadrille sandals of <varukarini> from Spain. Atmosphere that cross belt of suede is refined. Affinity to be able to wear easily, and to like from everyday wear to vacation fashion.
  • E hyphen world gallery

    \ 3,839 (tax-included)

    Raffia hat

    Broad-brimmed hat which plays an active part in season when sunlight becomes strong. Raffia material which we knit carefully raises the mood in season. For accent that wide grosgrain ribbon is refined.
  • Any SiS

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    [UV care] Simple knit cardigan

    Seven minutes length cardigan which is easy to use at the turn of the seasons. UV protection processing that is witty through ultraviolet ray to absorbency and refreshing soft material is nice. We can mix-and-match haori from dress for a long time quickly from midsummer to autumn.
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