LaLaport Koshien

  • 06/17 update

Announcement of new coronavirus donation

5/25 Monday ... for the time being
2F General Information
In LaLaport Koshien, we can put for new coronavirus evil,
We started donation activity to support medical institution of Hyogo.
Reception desk period: Monday, May 25, 2020 ... for the time being
Reception desk place: 2F General Information
Contribution :Hyogo new model coronavirus measures support fund
Donation that I took will pay to "Hyogo new model coronavirus measures support fund" in full.
I would like your understanding and cooperation.

In addition, from Wednesday, June 10 titled "zo rou BLUE HEART PROJECT in thank you to essential worker,"
We present "tree postcard" to be able to send by mail to person who had you cooperate with donation activity.
By tree postcard feeling warmth that is kind to important which cannot encounter in the distance yet, do you not convey your thought now?
※It becomes the end as soon as it disappears.
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