LaLaport Koshien


Hours of operation of "LaLaport Koshien?"
  • Product sales store, Services store/10:00-21:00 ※There is different store partly.
  • Eating and drinking store/11:00-23:00 ※Last order 22:15
  • Food court/11:00-22:00 ※Last order 21:30
  • Ito Yokado/10:00-21:00

About Hours of operation of each detailed store to this

Please tell about store, the handling product

Please confirm store's name in Shop-Guide.
Please inquire for the handling product to each store.
※Phone number of each store notifies in Shop-Guide.

Is there rental of stroller?

We offer coin-type stroller (100 yen coin return type) at each site in the hall.

  • ※It becomes impossible of reservation for first-come-first-served basis.
  • ※It is limited to child of from 4 months to 48 months.


  • 1F butterfly coat, park walk coat, pin wheel coat
  • 2F mountain BREEZE, G parking lot elevator hall
  • The roof butterfly coat elevator hall, park walk coat elevator hall, pin wheel coat elevator hall
Is there the nursing room?

It is in all the hall three places.

  • 1F pin wheel coat (the ladies' room side)
  • 2F pin wheel coat (the ladies' room side), mountain BREEZE (inner babies' corner "rara Kids park")
Is there nursery?

There is 2F Woods walk mall "rabby kids world".
Have a lot on system, rate; to this

Can you take pet?

Please refrain from companion of pet except guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog.

Where should inquiry of lost article make?

When I take lost article, thing left behind, it is sent to disaster prevention center.
Please contact the following phone number for the details.
[LaLaport Koshien operation center: 0798-44-4321 (10:00-18:00)]

Please tell about system of parking lot

Base rate is as follows.

Customer using LaLaport Koshien

※Services time was changed from December 1, 2019.

Parking lot base rate

Customer using KidZania Koshien

It is news to customer using KidZania Koshien
Please refer to the following for use of parking lot place.
→In detail (PDF)

Parking lot base rate KidZania Koshien

  • Free of charge is included for first two hours at the free time mentioned above.
  • When parking time is over the Services time mentioned above, it takes Parking fees of 200 yen afterward every 30 minutes.
  • Amount of money becomes that we added up at each store. You have you show all receipts which you used at the last store, and accept Services.

●Objective parking of watching baseball is not accepted.
Parking fees is added in particular on day when professional baseball is held in Koshien Stadium.

→What is Parking fees especially?
When parking time from parking is over three hours, flat 6,000 yen is added other than base rate regardless of purchase amount of money.
※Confirmation of day, the baseball date is usually at parking lot entrance, please.

Please be careful about parking of the baseball date

The details of special Parking fees, zero system are this

  • Please bring stationed-in-bike-race ticket by all means in hall to be necessary when we receive Parking fees discount Services.
  • When they receive Parking fee discount, in the case of purchase, stationed-in-bike-race ticket and Mitsui Shopping Park card member, please show reward card at cash register of each shop.
  • Payment of Parking fees, please use prior payment machine as possible.
  • Ten-thousand yen bill, 5,000 yen, payment for 2,000 yen, please use prior payment machine of G parking lot Parking Center setting for large denomination bill. (with Exit payment machine we cannot pay)