We tickle heart of person who is sensitive to trend,
Cafe which suggests how to spend new time when it is not just comfortable.

In the shop where tender white wall, interior of tree bring on warmth, Wi-Fi, outlet is OK. It is sigh of relief with cafe lunch using material seasonal with smartphone tablet to one hand and original sweets. Fine day is picnic feeling in takeout.
New idea spreads to want to draw favorite image on pure white canvas.

We add to "noted product doria" featuring specially made sauce bechamel, and "sandwich" with full of the volume appears to photogenic gourmet & sweets "white cafe au lait" which barista serves taste "muresunati" of store specializing in tea. Please pay attention to menu full of originality with full of trendy essence.

Hours of operation

10:00 am – 9:00 pm

The last order

The last order (foods): 20:00

The last order (drink): 20:30


The number of seats: 90

The number of the non-smoking sections: 90

Contact information

TEL: 06-6836-7500

Gourmet & foods cafe & sweets Restaurants
  • Non-smoking
  • Takeout
  • Wheelchair is possible
  • There is Kids menu
  • There is car seat
  • There is alcoholic beverage
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