From Tokyo Restaurants cafe "BARBARA/ Barbara" that "joke is delicious" is the Kansai first landing! Family thinks about concept in "Wonderful table style for Nice people!" in the good times of Showa around dining table and is dining pavilion coloring rich time when meal ties. Dishes which see, and eat, and are pleasant that Italian Spanish charm included French in bass. Original style that is higher-grade quality that quite popular "gurumampasuta" was particular about material and sauce. Japan's original western dishes essence fuses in modishness, too. And let like all very much, and take to; "coupepan" is madeleine and mariaju. Stand, and roast is appearance of new sense "koppenu" light! The shop of natural space surrounded in white wall and feel of a material of tree. Green of planting to overflow from terrace and lively plants in shop bring on relaxation feeling. It is birth of the Heisei period from the Showa era and the future form family restaurant that people gather and lead to the future, and to enjoy.

Hours of operation

11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Contact information

TEL: 06-4860-6490

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