"We take our ease by fashion easy chic ... casually, and Cohen already aims at easy chic up to store space and waiting on customers as well as products in concept in ...". While Coen is price that is ageless, and is reasonable, we suggest toward all age groups which relaxation casual likes in basic taking in the times characteristics moderately. Waiting on customers that is easy chic that the store staff is friendly brightly and does not lose politeness kindly. Store space that is easy chic which it is comfortable and finishes in dignified space. Buying and product which is easy chic to breathe, and to hold down trend moderately, and to be able to enjoy refined fashion which it is easy to wear. Cotton and linen of mainly natural material, casual wear using wool. You can enjoy styling that is easy chic by wide assortment of goods to be able to enjoy couple, coordinates in family.


10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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TEL: 06-4864-8303

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