Trend and needs of customer that change with the times.
Us section reads passage of each time, too and continues changing.
Sneakers such as "adidas" "NIKE" "VANS" "PUMA" prepare a lot of limited products which they can purchase only in ABC-MART commencing with new item.
Leather casual shoes such as "HAWKINS" "Danner" present product depending on wide customer needs, too.
Product item that design dearinaara where Women's brand "NUOVO" adopted trend is reasonable is popular.
We make "NIKE booth" becoming a new type of ABC-MART this time. Product lineup of NIKE, the latest item are substantial.
Your one pair "wanting" is surely found.

Hours of operation

10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Contact information

TEL: 06-4864-8422

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