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Europe, Asia, United States, South America…. You can enjoy a deluxe time to taste delicious dishes of all the countries of the world in buffet-style in shop letting you image luxurious passenger liner.
From small newly made world foods which can taste foreign country feeling if we eat including French quiche filled with fragrant flavor from American hamburg, oven full of Italian pizza which melty cheese hot from the oven does not collect and juicy meat juices, we offer Japanese dishes and colorful salad bar.
In open kitchen where various dishes are made in front, flavor of cooking scenery full of a feeling of live and appetizing dishes directs dynamic space.
At sweets corner, we offer real sweets which we put together in season. You can enjoy the beautiful decorations and gorgeous sweets happily visually.

Hours of operation

11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Contact information

TEL: 06-4864-8355

Gourmet & foods Restaurants
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