"AMPHI FUL FRU" is more fun by “ underwearware more freely! Inner coordinates Shops with "as concept. With all thought to "want to send vitamin such as much fruit" from "AMPHI", "FUL FRU" which crossed substantial (FULL) and (FRUIT) of fruit was born. "North European fruit shop" where colorful fruit that image of Shops is fresh forms a line a lot. The feature of colorful brassiere & shorts are that they can enjoy innumerable coordinates if they put color together by mixed & match. We change common sense of the underwear section which was past top and bottom set selling and can enjoy coordinates only for oneself. If how to choose, how to combine underwears change, we change until feeling vividly. In inner for FUL FRU wear fitting vitamin of "heart" to live in every day happily, let's enjoy coordinates of feeling on the day!


10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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TEL: 06-4860-6439

FashionFashion, miscellaneous goods
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