Moreover, products and the working staff express view of the world through interior in shop in thing liking, "we suggest way of enjoying American lifestyles as life experient enjoying positively" in concept and thing that we can get absorbed in, Kodawariya value.
The shop is comprised of coupling of Men's and women and, let alone couple and family, can enjoy even if we come over alone.
Household articles which we purchased in the United States or photograph which we photographed are located in a good balance, and clothes which we can love for a long time such as major fashion brand and product made in United States or product made in Japan are prepared there commencing with pretty miscellaneous goods and tool and furniture which we are particular, and there is, green that, moreover, gives life space calmness and rich color interestingly.


10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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TEL: 06-4864-2348

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