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Sensitivity size that refined KOLOR likes!
Summer dress of adult woman

It is dress of calm KOLOR with a feeling of vintage that wants to wear in the lingering summer heat. As it is worn elegantly, it is most suitable for adult coordination. As it is not necessary to make styling and is selected smartly, it is sure to get heavy rotation until autumn!

For the elegant summer clothing
Dress which is convenient when we hesitated about coordinates. In severe heat, person to want to adopt sense of the seasons choose dress in summer of calm KOLOR. We look adult-like with chic atmosphere and can mix-and-match depending on laying upon until autumn. Trendy brown, khaki, standard beige, intermediate color such as charcoal gray are recommended.

It is easy to mix-and-match for moderate color taste
In summer style that matches hat and sunglasses of natural material with brown, khaki, beige, dress of intermediate color such as charcoal gray, and is cool. As it is excellent at affinity with indigo denim, we dress in a layered way even if we do. Similarly we can enjoy dashing light autumn style if we match with jacket and cardigan of intermediate color.

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※For information of August 14, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Rouge vif la cle

    \ 17,600 (tax-included)

    [BRAHMIN] Cache-coeur dress

    Dress of cache coeur design. French sleeve covers upper arm casually. With rubber specifications, we fit moderately, and rear of West will show physical line neatly.
  • any FAM

    \ 5,489 (tax-included)

    [basic popularity] Silky linen III dress

    It is A-line dress with a feeling of relaxation in earth color. Breathability uses good French linen softly. Let alone leggings and skinny pants, affinity with wide pants is outstanding, too.

    \ 16,500 (tax-included)

    [new color addition] Camisole dress T-shirt set [WEB-limited] (search number F57)

    Set of camisole dress and simple T-shirt. We can enjoy dress in good silky comfort of loss of interest in skin throughout the year. Mix-and-match power in one piece of article is certified, too.
  • Nano・universe

    \ 14,300 (tax-included)

    Back design shear long dress

    It is long dress of silhouette with a space moderately. Shear material transparent slightly. We look at healthy skin, and design that seo is back profile to grant directs cool omission feeling.
  • FRAY I.D

    \ 18,920 (tax-included)

    Washer pleats no pickpocket dress

    Sleeveless dress of color development to match in late summer. Rayon nylon material worn coolly. Comfort that was smooth by pleats-style washer finish. In Ruxy rein conjunction with sandals.

    \ 19,800 (tax-included)

    Linen box dress

    Box dress which is worn easily. Linen material which it is easy to wear from summer to autumn. As there is thickness moderately, and there is length in unhurried width of the body, it is worn without asking figure and age.
  • Mila Owen

    \ 9,460 (tax-included)

    Detail knit dress

    West design is summer knit dress of point. Comfortable knit material which is kind to skin. It is wrinkle-resistant, and breathability is outstanding, too. We can cover stomach rotation casually.
  • grove

    \ 3,957 (tax-included)

    Washable/contact feeling of cold V-neck hem slit dress

    V-neck dress which clavicle looks like neatly. There is glossiness and uses being chilly and contact feeling of cold dough to feel at moment when we touched. As it is with slit, layered with pants and leggings is recommended, too.
  • Any SiS

    \ 7,590 (tax-included)

    [easy-care] rejururaitojajiwampisu

    Belt design is dress of point. Jersey material which is elastic, and is mobile, and is wrinkle-resistant. It is ◎. from commuting to semi-formal in being hard to be transparent at moderate thickness, and there being feeling properly
  • 23KU

    \ 27,500 (tax-included)

    [washable] 2WAY stretch twill West ribbon dress

    West ribbon dress of fitting & flare type. Relaxation that pursued good comfort and refined jersey-style dough. Of course it is usable for slight dinner party to work clothes.
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