07/31 update

In linen material like summer
Ladies' refreshing coordination

Linen material which avoids sunlight, and is worn coolly is from must-have item in summer. Width of wearing spreads if we have one piece as we can make styling with sense of the seasons without difficulty. Take in in daily by all means!

Skipper dekireimeni
Choose blouse of unhurried design if you take in linen in Top's like this season. Particularly, skipper design that it seems that face rotation is refreshing is in season. If match tapered pants or wide denim with bottoms, in kireimena casual style. Top's enters, and dress well refreshingly.

Linen is must-have-item this summer!
Linen pants which are comfortable at humid time want to hold down one piece in the summer as bottom. Design to be relaxed in slightly wide silhouette, and to drill is ◎. It is excellent at affinity with any Top's including blouse, T-shirt, summer knit. It is hat of linen material that wants to take in as breaking ball of styling. As well as utility protecting from sunlight, he/she attaches sense of the seasons to wearing.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 31, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • coen

    \ 4,400 (tax-included) 2,640 (tax-included)

    Linen rayon balloon sleeve blouse #

    French linen blouse that adult is feminine. Refreshing linen X rayon material. Cover upper arm; sleeve is attractive softly.
  • Afternoon Tea LIVING

    \ 4,290 (tax-included) 3,003 (tax-included)

    UV linen blend skipper blouse

    Skipper blouse of unhurried silhouette. Dough which blended French linen, and gave UV processing. Design with three-dimensional impression that tuck of shoulder is feminine.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 7,590 (tax-included) 4,554 (tax-included)

    CFC LY/LI skipper blouse

    Skipper blouse which decollete looks like neatly. Cloth for linen blend characterized by a feeling of gentle omission. Back profile design which is stylish without blunder to back figure. Mix-and-match without being eager for T-shirt sense.

    \ 6,899 (tax-included)

    << linen mixture >> skipper shirt

    Skipper shirt of unhurried silhouette which change entered before. A feeling of omission of rayon and moderate glossiness are refined impressions while keeping natural impression for crisp only by hemp.

    \ 3,297 (tax-included) 2,637 (tax-included)

    [M-L] Linen blend bell Ted wide pants

    Wide pants that the same cloth belt accentuated. Smooth dough which blended linen to rayon. Is comfortable with free of charge rubber after West; wear; feeling. Bottom in of Top's is smooth, too.

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    Linen slit pants

    It is center press pants with slit to hem. We use linen blend material of natural texture. Refreshing by side fastener in the West circumference. We can rely from casual to office.

    \ 16,500 (tax-included)

    [washable] Light twill Baker pants

    Baker pants with belt of wide size. Linen viscose dough of soft, moderate tension. It is ◎. in conjunction with heel and pumps and go wasetekireimenimo, sneakers casually
  • Mila Owen

    \ 6,380 (tax-included) 3,190 (tax-included)

    Linen casquette with belt

    Deeper casquette which covers up brain completely. Natural texture of linen blend. It is washable material of washing possibility at home. It matches various styles by simple design.

    \ 3,080 (tax-included) 2,156 (tax-included)

    Linen cap

    Refreshing cap using linen material. By design utilized coarse dough peculiar to hemp, we match natural coordinates. Hand-washing is possible.

    \ 14,850 (tax-included)

    [WEB-limited] by ※∴ French linen Cache-coeur maxi dress -2WAY/ washable -

    2WAY design which wearing is available for in before and after. We match Cache-coeur V-neck charming boat neck and decollete of refined impression neatly with feeling and come by styling. Washing at home is possible, too.
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