07/28 update

For summer coordinates of Men's
"Linen" is must-have-item!

Item of hemp material recommends coordination on holiday of Men's. As it is cool and can easily make coordination with feeling properly, it is most suitable for Cool Biz. Try in refreshing coordination of adult using linen this summer.

It is most suitable for kireime casual
Linen material to be able to spend comfortably all day long with high temperature by refreshing dry feel. Refined wrinkle can make natural impression with firm dough without difficulty like summer although being simple. We rank wearing of this summer as by all means and should improve if we have button shirt and one piece of pants.

Linen shirt is excellent at mix-and-match power
It is in season that general purpose expensive linen shirt wears slightly large size roughly. It is ryu metekireimeni with button. Or haori exerts presence as shirt outer on T-shirt and the tank top. We can mix-and-match as gilet and inner item of jacket in autumn. For refreshing wearing that casual pants seem to be summer as linen is blended.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 28, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 9,900 (tax-included)

    High-performance linen short sleeve shirt

    Short-sleeved shirt wide moderately. Dry feel not to be sticky with high-performance linen material which had contact feeling of cold, UV protection, water absorption quick-drying even if we sweat. Just put lightly; in seasonal coordination.
  • TAKA-Q

    \ 3,289 (tax-included) 2,961 (tax-included)

    French linen blend hakemekattauei seven minutes sleeve shirt

    Three-quarter sleeve shirt which is good to town use. hakeme texture dough of line print that we were able to graze with high-quality linen blend cotton from France. We make an outstanding performance in season when breathability sweats with texture silky well.

    \ 15,400 (tax-included) 7,700 (tax-included)

    Linen washer CPO five minutes sleeve shirt (set up correspondence)

    CPO shirt that pocket of both chests accentuated. By texture of 100% of hemp material, we can make natural atmosphere easily. One piece now-like oversilhouette and shoulder which we are slightly dropping.
  • Improves

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)

    Linen blend big silhouette long sleeves shirt

    Long-sleeved shirt of big silhouette. Dough that feel that blended linen superior in breathability was cheerful well. In wide width of the body and dropped shoulder sleeve, it is worn for jacket sense.

    \ 7,689 (tax-included) 4,843 (tax-included)

    [large size] Polo /POLO French linen button down short sleeves shirt

    Short-sleeved shirt which is button-downed in large size. French linen material cultivated in the northern part of France. Breathability is good and is superior in water absorption, absorbency, and comfort that silky refreshing feel is is attractive.

    \ 5,390 (tax-included)


    Clean tapered pants. Hybrid linen material of new sense that texture of natural fiber just added comfort. It is point that drills West underarm with rubber easily.

    \ 5,489 (tax-included) 2,744 (tax-included)

    BELGIAN LINEN stripe easy pants

    Tapered pants of stripe print like summer. Smooth dough which blended linen or cotton. Is reRuxy with West rubber; wear, and is feeling.

    \ 14,300 (tax-included)


    Jogger pants of change design. Brand logo of the left side is the point. Cotton linen material that we wear, and feeling is good. Coordinates that we matched with stripe shirt are recommended.
  • Tabio

    \ 990 (tax-included)

    Socks for Men's hemp X cotton plain fabric sneakers

    Plain sneaker socks that crisp is comfortable. Linen and twisted yarn of cotton. We fully use hemp at the rate of 50% and are not worried about heat even if we wear all day long. It is recommended on rainy day.
  • Victoria L-Breath &mall shop

    \ 5,060 (tax-included)

    Rover adventure hat PH918HW27 KA

    Hat of sports brand <phoenix>. Tape which is ethnic is point. As for the surface, 100% of hemp, sum part are sweat perspiration fast-dry material. In ultraviolet ray cover rate 90% or more, we make an outstanding performance in outdoor.
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