07/24 update

For summer ultraviolet ray, air conditioner measures!
Ladies' haori thing

When it is chilly in the room where air conditioner worked for too much when sunlight is strong and is worried about ultraviolet ray, item to be able to put on quickly is convenient. It is simple and introduces haori thing of product for summer to match now-like wearing.

It is convenient when we have one piece!
Cardigan and shirt to be able to put on in material which convenient one is cool, and is worn when there is when we want to prevent summer direct rays of the sun and ultraviolet ray casually. It is ◎. in being easy to put on design with a space in the trendy volume sleeve Top's in sleeve It is point that chooses wrinkle-resistant material even if we carry with basic KOLOR which it is easy to match with any coordination.

Long cardigan or shirt is popular
Long length cardigan which just puts on what it is easy to match with trendy coordination like this season in ease, and looks good. We can dress design that slit enters hem well for lighter impression. Long-sleeved shirt that person who felt uncomfortable about knit of midsummer relaxed. Is casual while showing feeling properly; for ultraviolet ray, air conditioner measures.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 24, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • grove

    \ 2,197 (tax-included)

    [multifunctional] Shawl TOPPER cardigan which is hard to become washable/contact feeling of cold/UV/pill

    Cardigan of simple design without button. One piece that smooth feel is comfortable. It is hard to become pill, and UV, contact feeling of cold function includes. He/she plays an ON-OFF role together.
  • m.f.editorial

    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    Contact feeling of cold UV random tape recorder long-sleeved long cardigan

    Light long-sleeved long cardigan which makes an outstanding performance as summer haori thing. Random tape recorder material with a feeling of irregularities. Contact feeling of cold function and with UV processing to be able to get refreshing feel from to protect skin from strong ultraviolet ray.
  • 23KU

    \ 13,200 (tax-included)

    [magazine publication] Multi-function long cardigan (number M25)

    Long cardigan which rear collar is high, and is useful for prevention of sunburn of neck. Material which had UV care, contact feeling of cold, antibacterial deodorization function. We can carry in wrinkle-resistant material casually.
  • Mila Owen

    \ 8,250 (tax-included) 4,950 (tax-included)

    Organic cotton rib knit midi cardigan

    Rib knit cardigan that string belt accentuated. We use eco-friendly, comfortable organic cotton 100% thread. Dress and pants and affinity preeminence.
  • any FAM

    \ 4,389 (tax-included)

    [contact feeling of cold] [UV care] Acetate cotton dolman cardigan

    High-performance bolero cardigan which is good to ultraviolet ray, air conditioner measures. We use thread of anti-pilling that it is hard to be able to make pill into. Blouse of the volume sleeve can dress well neatly even if we put.

    \ 12,100 (tax-included)

    [UV protection, contact feeling of cold] 3D fraise middle length cardigan

    Middle length cardigan of surprisingly mild comfort. Cut-and-sew material which gave UV protection, contact feeling of cold function. It is middle length with anteroposterior difference to hem which it is easy to match with any item.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 9,790 (tax-included)

    [hand-washing possibility] CFC furigarakadigan

    Deeper V-neck is short length cardigan with a feeling of omission. Linen blend material which is useful in hot season. Good dry touch of loss of interest in skin is ◎. We close button and are worn as pullover.
  • Any SiS

    \ 5,940 (tax-included)

    [fast-dry water absorption] Dolman light cardigan

    Shear cardigan that translucency is now-like. If water absorption is fast-dry; ZARA ttoshita material with UV function. Because the arm circumference has room in dolman sleeves, comfort is comfortable, too.
  • SLY

    \ 6,996 (tax-included)


    Uneven hem is shirt of point. It is convenient to carry in material with a feeling of surface as it is wrinkle-resistant. Length to hide to the volume and the seat of hem covers figure.

    \ 13,200 (tax-included) 9,240 (tax-included)

    Linen boiling shirt

    Shirt blouse which enhances handsome nanakanimo femininity. We use natural material of cotton X linen. It is thin and is easy to draw air and is worn coolly. We direct a feeling of natural omission just to put.
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