07/22 update

We enjoy nuance
Of adult is dark; KOLOR Top's

It is good to coordination for trendy impression that is dark, and KOLOR is refined, and calmed down in summer of adult. If it is dark in Top's and chooses KOLOR, it is sure to get thing that impression of coordination is turned at a stretch, and becomes fresh by everyday wearing!

We update standard Top's!
With calm gentle Nuance is dark, and KOLOR is distinguished for trendy feeling. It is easy to match light color of gentle expression to kireimekara casual and is recommended to daily. T-shirt and blouse that what it is easy to take in in coordination is simple. It is a lot fresh, and standard item becomes natural impression by color, too.

It answers correctly to match color taste
Intermediate color of tone that bottoms which it was dark and was easy to match with KOLOR were similar. Of cold color system is dark, and is gray to KOLOR, of warm color system is dark, and beige is affinity preeminence to KOLOR. In addition, white that seems to be summer is ◎. If we enter flared skirt and the wide pants what Top's and wear, trendy coordinates are easily completed.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 22, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 6,930 (tax-included)

    [comment] Goodwear X SonnyLabel big T-shirt

    Comment T-shirt of popular brand <good wear> from the United States. Nuance KOLOR which had product dyeing of thick US cotton is stylish. In impression that the trendy big silhouette was one piece, and got better.
  • any FAM

    \ 1,650 (tax-included)

    [UV care, contact feeling of cold] T blouse II T-shirt

    Blouse which is worn like T-shirt. High-performance material which possesses UV function protecting skin from ultraviolet ray and contact feeling of cold function that is cool whenever we touch. One which does not become too much rough is attractive.

    \ 12,100 (tax-included)

    [we can wash anteroposterior wearing/] Easy satin dolman sleeves cut-and-sew

    Cut-and-sew of anteroposterior 2WAY specifications that we can wear. Jersey material of feel that the other side is soft to satin material of modest, refined luster. Both looking nice and comfort are good and are excellent at mix-and-match power.
  • Index

    \ 3,289 (tax-included)

    Georgette double-pocket family skipper blouse

    Skipper blouse which neck looks like clearly. We use polyester Georgette of smooth texture. Trendy double-pocket family adds casual essence.
  • ICB

    \ 11,000 (tax-included)

    [every year extreme popularity] Airy Cool short cardigan

    Refined cardigan which is usable until autumn. It is easy to carry at good comfort and overwhelming lightness and is recommended to air conditioner measures. There is not button; wear casually, and, by design, is usable in kireimenimo casual.
  • BEIGE,

    \ 15,400 (tax-included)

    [Nikkei Ai publication] KILIFI/ no sleeve knit

    Sleeveless knit that article has good slightly wide width of the shoulders. In refreshing hemp blend material of feel, cool knitted fabric with translucency is point, too. It is usable with ensemble if we match with cardigan of other selling.

    \ 7,990 (tax-included)

    Stretch cotton short sleeve sweater

    Short-sleeved knit which fits body gently. Stretch cotton material that we prevent getting out of shape, and sensusugikisen iga is possible. It is design which can dress hem well even if we get even if we enter.
  • Doux archives

    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    UV protection ensemble cardigan

    Long-sleeved cardigan and half-length sleeve knit ensemble knit. Function material that is nice in summer that UV protection, contact feeling of cold, moisture absorption are fast-dry. It is good to both feminine skirt and casual denim.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 8,690 (tax-included)

    CS high neck back button blouse

    Three-quarter sleeve high-necked blouse which is useful when temperature is unstable. Design which is easy to enter the front in length with anteroposterior difference and slit of both sides. Let alone commuting for mix-and-match of daily.

    \ 6,600 (tax-included)

    Mat satin blouse

    Blouse that flare sleeve is feminine. We use luster that is mat and satin material characterized by the surface with Nuance. It is congenial to any bottoms and is one piece that is multi-, and plays an active part.
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