07/21 update

Eye shadow eyeliner
We wear a mask in cosmetics and make up in the summer

When make when we wear a mask puts the points to half on face, we are stylish! Mainly on cosmetics to use for eye and the eyebrows, is helpful at online meeting; can see properly, and Top's introduces in total, too.

KOLOR & lam is fresh in the summer!
Squeeze point to half on face than you try now full make that mask wearing becomes daily life hard. As for the eye shadow, fresh coloration including orange and yellow is trend. In atmosphere that it is bright color, but is fresh without becoming too much showy as it is easy to be familiar with skin. In addition, brilliant lam is good in summer, too. Adult-like seasonal face can update when we take in to the center or eye bags of upper eyelid casually.

De-black is boom!
Brown make turning usual make without unreasonableness recommends person feeling uncomfortable about KOLOR make. In fashion face that nowadays was refined by changing eye line and mascara to brown not standard black. Natural Brown finishes kindly in impressive eye. In eye that is impressive without becoming too much strong-minded if eyelashes with full of the volume are brown.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 21, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • M・A・C

    \ 2,750 (tax-included)

    Small eye shadow (sasupishasurisuuito)

    Bright orange eye shadow. Color development is good, and color durability is outstanding, too. In impressive eye that attracts eyes if we paint eyelids with finger and brush.
  • M・A・C

    \ 3,190 (tax-included)

    dazurushado (shisupakuruzu)

    Eye shadow which glitters of abundant color variations. It adheres to eyelids in calm texture which cream and Powder unified neatly. We direct eye shining brightly.

    \ 1,320 (tax-included)

    Eye Opener [metallic]

    Seem to have got wet; eye shadow of shiny finished metallic type. Softly wet feel of a material. We change into silky reckoning feeling and fit evenly when we lengthen by eyelids.

    \ 3,300 (tax-included)


    Liquid eyeliner of Brown who held down redness. It is freedom from bold line to narrow line. It is strong and keeps the beautiful finish all day to be able to rub. We can be easily off with hot water in the daytime without being blurred.

    \ 1,595 (tax-included)

    Mineral rush liner low Sting waterproof #1 (black)

    Waterproof gel pencil eyeliner. It is hard to blur on sweat by prescription that is strong in strong potato sebum for a long time, and there be and keeps vertical color development. Shading off tip and with pen point adjustment sharpener.

    \ 3,080 (tax-included)

    Rush building primer

    The mascara groundwork to enhance the finish of mascara. By humidity retention distribution of the ingredients, we fix state of dry eyelashes. You fully paint from the origin of eyelashes for point of a brush, and put mascara immediately afterwards.

    \ 3,850 (tax-included)

    Billion rushing <smudge proof>

    The volume up mascara of natural brown with a feeling of omission. In the volume that makes each one look dark, and is heavy. We keep beautiful curl and finish all day. We can drop with hot water.

    \ 1,760 (tax-included)

    kohirosutingutintoburou #1 natural brown

    Eyebrow liner to keep the eyebrows color beautiful for a long time by the endurance only in tinto. We finish after outlining in form that we want to finish as if painting over small part of interval.
  • J Lounge

    \ 16,500 (tax-included)

    [WEB comment] Classical blouse to be able to wear with one piece with gathers

    Gathers that fully entered are blouses of point. Material characterized by good gentle feeling of wrinkle and feel. We can wear with one piece without minding underwear as it is lined. WEB comment item.

    \ 18,700 (tax-included)

    Typewriter bio blouse

    Three-quarter sleeves blouse which is fixed with one piece although being simple. Cloth for high-density typewriter with a little surface fuzz of thread. In silhouette that we did rear by gathers of neckline softly.
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