07/08 update

We find with popular brand
Carefully selected ladies' sandals

Place where we want to obtain sandals stylish soon for summer vacation. We picked up the latest sandals of popular brand sold in &mall. Seasonal design which we want to wear right now is array!

Chic design is in season!
Shoes that "we can wear trend of step casually" in this season that the relaxation mood increases. Flat sandals that it is chic to finish kireime-style elegantly. Separate and back-strap design which it is easy to put together like petankodemo adult are ◎. If aim at quality of being now, is sport sandals firmly. Slide sandals which are also called shower sandals are particularly popular in this season.

Sporty foot is fresh!
We look good even if we match flat sandals with standard denim, and affinity is outstanding with skirt and dress of maxi length. We want to enjoy feminine style by light car. It is stylish to use sandals of sports type as accent of kireime-style. Let alone with bare foot, senior enjoys in conjunction with socks. Width of coordination should strongly spread!

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 8, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


    \ 6,380 (tax-included) 5,104 (tax-included)

    EINE separate flat sandals

    Simple flat sandals. Walkability is ◎. in what wear in sole which cushion worked for, and feeling is good, and hold heel, too We match pants, skirt, any style

    \ 8,250 (tax-included)

    20SS ■MADRID/ Madrid silver

    "Madrid" where shiny silver KOLOR seems to be this season. In impression that is chic without becoming too much showy by coloring to adjust smoothly to skin. It is fresh to enjoy with tights or socks.

    \ 8,800 (tax-included) 7,920 (tax-included)

    [WEB-limited] Clear buckle flat sandals

    Clear buckle is flat sandal of point. We give sole thickness and reduce burden to foot. We direct sense of quality for feelings to the details including different fabrics combination and metal fittings errand. WEB-limited item.

    \ 8,580 (tax-included)

    T1019235 W HURRICANE XLT2 RTML 603841-0004

    <Teva> Of this "hurricane XLT 2." Original strap specifications to hold foot with three points. Combination with socks is recommended, too. Retro multicolored is stylish.

    \ 9,680 (tax-included)

    [SHAKA/ Shaka] NEO BUNGY

    Direct a feeling of trendy minimal; "neo-bungee." A feeling of fitting uses outstanding neoprene dough. A little that we wear and are excellent at feeling with a little stress when we put on and take off.
  • emmi

    \ 19,800 (tax-included)


    <suicoke> Of this "WAS-V." As nylon tape holds foot well from 3 directions, it is comfortable to walk in. With hue with presence of mind, it is most suitable for casual style of adult.

    \ 4,950 (tax-included)

    [MINNETONKA] Minnetonka PRISM PU sandals

    Beach sandals recommended for leisure such as the seas. As we have in EVA material including sole, it is very lightweight. Let alone basic KOLOR, a lot of good bright KOLOR unfold in summer.
  • Super Sports XEBIO &mall shop

    \ 2,464 (tax-included)

    Shower sandals SMF200FKD

    Shower sandals of <new balance> that floral design is stylish. Solid-looking by wall structure to suppress tender foot bed which is comfortable to sole and wide blurring; wear, and is feeling.

    \ 9,350 (tax-included)

    [ladies'] Original beach sandals

    Coloring is sport sandals of point. Adjustment of fitting is possible after putting on and taking off is easy in magic tape.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 6,380 (tax-included)

    [THE NORTH FACE] [THE NORTH FACE] nupushi SC slide sandals

    <THE NORTH FACE> It is slide sandals of this. We are strong in water, and foot bed with cushion characteristics fits foot well. Is light, and is soft; wear, and is feeling. To relaxation-style.
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