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We shoot, and time becomes happy
Summer interior miscellaneous goods

Recommended delightful interior petty person flocks in summer! Does decoration not redecorate house in good item like summer in hot season? Find favorite item by all means!

We redecorate by coloration like summer
In space that by taking in KOLOR with point in the summer, seems to be summer at a stretch. In atmosphere refreshing coolly, it is Malin KOLOR of blue and white. Vitamin KOLOR such as green or yellow is recommended to atmosphere pleasant well. In addition, it is ◎. that adopts summeriness in natural item including basket and jute material with sense of the seasons

We raise room with summer flavor
It is hard to redecorate the whole room, but D fuser that appearance is stylish is the best recommended if impression is even slightly big and wants to change. By changing to refreshing flavor like summer, raise impression of room at a stretch. It is pleasant to buy a new whenever season changes.

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of July 1, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Afternoon Tea LIVING

    \ 2,200 (tax-included)

    Cactus type room D fuser set

    Room D fuser set of cactus type gypsum. For accent that of course it is wonderful as stylish interior we put in favorite place, and to enjoy flavor.

    \ 660 (tax-included)

    GEORGE'S universal tumbler

    Original design with brand logo to tumbler of birth <kurisa> in Mexico. There is thickness that we did by design for duties well and is most suitable as tumbler of errand every day.
  • Shimamuragakki

    \ 3,960 (tax-included)

    U/SMILE YW ukulele

    Pop ukulele of ukulele brand <maharo>. We use authentic ukulele string made in akuira. Standard soprano type recommended for beginner. We are popular both children and adults.

    \ 2,200 (tax-included)


    <puebuko> It is ceramic frame of this. Simple white earthenware is good to summer interior. We put postcard and can display. There is frame of type to deliver card of business card size.
  • Super Sports XEBIO &mall shop

    \ 990 (tax-included)

    Aloha deodorant spray 4TKP7301-A COCON

    Deodorant spray of Hawaiian Shops <kahiko>. We change curious smell of room for flavor of sweet southern country softly. Package which printed Hawaiian photograph is stylish.

    \ 4,180 (tax-included)

    [antibacterial deodorization, washable restroom mat] Woody green restroom mat 60*60cm beige

    Restroom mat of southern country taste. Antibacterial deodorization material with quick-drying. We inquire into circle using washing net and can do it, and care is easy, too. In stylish atmosphere that seems to be summer by preparing in item of the series.
  • Victoria L-Breath &mall shop

    \ 880 (tax-included)

    mekishikarapureisumatto ISAP82C1PPL

    Place mat of cheerful Mexican design. Jute material which we made use of texture of nature in. Not only we use as luncheon mat at table, but also are recommended to interior of the entrance and living.

    \ 693 (tax-included)

    Checker roll paper dispenser (red)

    Roll paper dispenser which plays an active part in table. We store toilet paper and protect from dirt and the wet. With steering wheel which can be easily attached to headrests of Car.
  • Seihin seikatsu nihonbashi

    \ 1,980 (tax-included)

    Tray/Taiwan Old Standard

    Tray of Taiwanese brand <gladiolus rhizome originality (MUZI ART)>. Design that thin turquoise blue and red contrast reflecting the image of retro signboard are beautiful. Employ petty person; and for interior of room.
  • Salut!

    \ 1,650 (tax-included)

    Tin plate planter bicycle

    You put favorite plant in the basket of stylish bicycle and can enjoy interior.
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