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Sunburn measures item &
Recommended skin care product

Time when we tan even if careful. We pick up skin care item charging moisture by swift attack on skin which was tired from fashion accessory and ultraviolet ray helpful when going out!

We escape from drying by ultraviolet ray!
Real skin is drier than expected, and it is tired from wind of ultraviolet ray and air-conditioner. Take in medical use lotions cooling skin which flushed well in the daytime. Special care using pack or seat mask is recommended let alone moisturizing with lotion at night after having dropped sunscreen by cleansing well.

We guard with sunglasses & hat!
Damage care after sunburn is important, but important one prevent ultraviolet ray damage beforehand. Place where of course it wants to set up accessory including sunglasses and hat to paint with sunscreen when we go out. Let's reach the next season as fair skin by multidirectional UV measures!

※This special feature is special feature of & mall (online store).
※For information of June 30, 2020, information may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • niruzuyadoremedizu

    \ 8,800 (tax-included)

    Wild rose beauty Ceram

    Gel liquid cosmetics which improve barrier power by holding moisture on skin, and keeping moisture. Treasure house of vitamin, Rose hips seed oil combination. We take care of damage by ultraviolet ray intensively.

    \ 3,740 (tax-included)

    puremiamutomatoburaitoninguessensu (liquid cosmetics)

    buraitoningu liquid cosmetics that sunburn and hot flashes quench curious skin. Beauty ingredient which we narrowed down flesh of tomato to tightly is plentiful. We work on stain freckles, sunburn symptom intensively and care generally.
  • niruzuyadoremedizu

    \ 7,260 (tax-included)


    Facial mask which is effective when it becomes drying and Gore tsukiga mind commencing with ultraviolet ray damage. After having washed away by one-minute intensive care, texture is regulated well like silk; to clear skin with moisture.

    \ 6,930 (tax-included)


    Lotion superior in reveal waterpower to prepare skin flexibly softly. Rose SOD which came out of exquisite blend of Rose extract and Scutellaria root extract leads pressure, skin to tired skin brightly easily.

    \ 4,180 (tax-included)


    Cleansing to be familiar with sunscreen quickly, and to lose well. Oil type of the light touch. Cleanliness softens skin, and comfort remains.
  • Super Sports XEBIO &mall shop

    \ 132 (tax-included)

    Lip pack Zhu Xi PK LP11

    Lip pack for exclusive use of lips. Hydrogel kneaded pearl into just adheres to lips. We seal up eight deluxe beauty ingredients well and penetrate to stratum corneum. We give moisture and prevent rough weather.

    \ 2,310 (tax-included)

    Argan oil silk positive hair shampoo

    Beauty oil shampoo that drying and hurt wash curious hair easily. We wash hair which caught damage by ultraviolet ray and air-conditioner with moisture easily.
  • Super Sports XEBIO &mall shop

    \ 877 (tax-included)

    230 ml of lotions medical SEA BREEZE shiburizuantiseputikku Antiseptic from head to foot

    Medical use lotion which prepares skin cleanly, and tightens whole body coolly. We prevent heat rash and pimple, oily look, skin roughness while tightening body for refreshing reckoning feeling coolly.
  • Victoria Golf &mall shop

    \ 1,980 (tax-included)

    Medical lotion

    Medical lotion which prevents skin that, hot flashes after sunburn. It cools skin for refreshing reckoning feeling and has cool-down of body by calming effect. We take stickiness of sweat in Powder in and finish to the silky bare skin.
  • green label relaxing

    \ 3,520 (tax-included)

    FFC Boston KOLOR lenses sunglasses

    Boston model sunglasses of KOLOR lenses which are taken in without hesitation in daily. 15% of visible ray transmissivity. Ultraviolet ray transmissivity 1.0% or less. Cool styling is completed.
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